Oct 30, 2014

Baby Mockingbirds (Vicki Sawyer) UPDATED

Carolyn Hedge Baird has just finished stitching Vicki Sawyer's Baby Mockingbirds.  This design is distributed by Melissa Shirley who posted a photograph on her Facebook page.


Your local shop will be able to order the guide and canvas from Melissa Shirley design or you can ask  Chaparral where Carolyn works for help obtaining the canvas and guide which will be available shortly.

A guide for Baby Mockingbirds is also available from Virginia Barney.  Email her at stitchstyleblog@gmail.com or through her Stitch Style blog.


UPDATE:  Enriched Stitch will teach their version of Baby Mockingbirds at the shop May 30th.  I think a guide will be available with the thread kit after the class, but check with the shop to be certain.

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