Apr 30, 2013

Hibiscus Flowers, Palm Fronds, a Mai Tai and Me UPDATED

The Paper Umbrella, Closeup of Bermuda

The latest series from Leigh Designs was just announced at Destination Dallas--the Caribe' series.  

These sunny florals are all inspired by motifs from the various Caribbean islands.  I stitched Bermuda as a model for Leigh and have done a stitch guide for both the large and small versions of this canvas.  Your local shop can order a canvas and guide for you from Leigh or you can ask me for a PDF version of the guide if you happen to have the canvas already or just want to add it to your reference library.

You can see the entire set of the bigger Caribe' designs at the Leigh Designs website.  The smaller "coaster" size will be released for the Columbus TNNA show in June although some of them are already public.

The photo above is a closeup from my large Bermuda model.  It is full of the new Swarovski flat back crystal sequins and beads.  These decorate the organdy ribbon umbrella, grace the black shutters, and float like pineapple bits in the glass. The hibiscus blossoms are covered in beads instead.  My favorite part of the design are the palm fronds and green coconuts, however.  They just give peace to this fun Caribbean piece.

Bermuda In All Her Sunny Glory!

I understand that there will be other stitch guides done for this series (I have done one for the small version of Trinidad to be shown off in June) and Sandy Arthur will teach a class on one of the set as well.  Stay tuned until the June trade show in Columbus for more!

UPDATE:  Sharon Quick is working the large version of Martinique;

Pat Miller is working on the large version of Barbados;

and Sandy Arthur is stitching the large version of Jamacia which she will teach at the June 2013 Columbus trade show. There will be stitch guides available for all three canvases this summer sometime.

Apr 27, 2013

The Stitch Guide Crew in Action

Folks who write stitch guides and designers who come up with the painted canvas work very closely together.  Robin King just illustrated this beautifully in her brief article about the evolution of the Tapestry Fair stitch guide for Hooter Owl.  Peggi of Tapestry Fair designed and stitched this 3-D charmer (plus came up with a non-holiday version), Robin worked up the stitch guide diagrams, and Carolyn Hedge Baird contributed photographs.  The NP Nation (designer/stitch guide writer clan) really came together on this!

Apr 23, 2013

The Flower Market UPDATED

Needle Works just had a fabulous class using Sundance's Flower Market.  The class was taught by Laura Taylor and a stitch guide will be created so that long distance stitchers don't need Laura to understand the directions. Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  Laura now has a website that lists her upcoming classes and available stitch guides.

Apr 17, 2013

New Guides from Robin King UPDATED

Robin has been very busy teaching at The Nimble Needle in Atlanta.  You can join in the fun by visiting her report on the trip.

UPDATE:  Robin's also providing the diagrams and guides for a club for Nimble Needle Atlanta that is pumpkin-themed.  Stacy Brown stitched the pumpkins and Robin wrote up her original ideas in guide form.  Three sizes, three guides, three sets of fun!

UPDATE #2:  More new guides from Robin!

The reason this is posted here instead of at the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure is that Robin's embellishment guides for her students are available as stitch guides for folks who happen to have these canvases in their hot little hands.  Robin's included contact information so you can let her know you are interested in one of her beauties.

Wish we'd all been there but there wouldn't be room for Robin with all of us in the shop!

Apr 16, 2013

New Guides for Melissa Shirley Canvases

Guide by Melissa Herself, Lots of Beads!
Melissa Shirley has announced quite a few new stitch guides on her Melissa Shirley Designs Facebook page.  I gathered all the photos and have posted them here since most are not on Melissa's website yet.

Apr 10, 2013

Brenda Stofft's Rabbit Geisha Stitch Guide UPDATED

Brenda Stofft's Rabbit Geisha (top)
Fans of Brenda Stofft's art will be happy to hear I have finally written up a stitch guide for my version of her Rabbit Geisha.  The guide is now available in PDF form for $25 retail.  (A hard copy costs $10 more so I can cover the costs of paper, ink and mailing.)  If you are a shop, wholesale pricing is available.  Just email me at sgfromchnp@gmail.com to order.

Now, which Brenda Stofft piece should I stitch next?  Here are three that have caught my eye--
The Ready for Takeoff piece is charming.  Hold on to your hat before you jump off a cliff!

I love the Meditating Buddha Cat.  So serene....

How about Red Riding Hood and the little wolf?  Perfect for the child who is a little frightened of the Big Bad Wolf.

How about the Mermaid and her Pet Seahorse?  Walking the seahorse sounds like fun.

Sigh.  There are too many choices.  What would YOU choose?

UPDATE:  Tony Minieri has done a stitch guide for this canvas as well.  Harriet posted her finished piece on Facebook.

Apr 7, 2013

Leigh Designs' New Stitch Guides Section

Leigh Designs has started to organize a stitch guide section for their website.  You can go there to see if your favorite Leigh canvas has a guide.  You can also browse guides just for fun or to learn more about a stitch guide writer's style.  Click on a guide and you'll be taken to a photo of the finished piece.

I'm told that this section will be expanded to include a summary page for each stitch guide writer but that's in the future.  For now we can just explore all the wonderful work Leigh's designs are.

Apr 6, 2013

Robin The Stitch Diagram Queen UPDATED ALL OVER AGAIN

Tapestry Fair's Halloween Hooter
You all probably know Robin King from her stitch guides for Amy Bunger's shop or her classes she teaches all over the United States.  What you might not know is just how talented a stitch diagram illustrator she is.

But word is getting around.  This year Robin's been working on the charting and stitch guide layout for the Labors of Love pumpkin club that Stacy Brown has stitched for Nimble Needle in Atlanta.  You can see the finished models at the Nimble Needle website (link below).  The April stitch guide for the smallest pumpkin is almost ready.  Robin says Stacy used really different stitches which she can't wait to try out on other canvases.


Robin also charted diagrams for Halloween Hooter, the new 3-D Halloween bird from Tapestry Fair. Here's the unstitched canvas.  Robin says this is an amazing piece.  I posted a photo of the finished owl above.  I am not usually a fan of 3-D stuffed animals but this is amazing.  This is a set of eleven canvases that are cleverly assembled into a wonderful display piece.  Peggi says she's found the perfect feather trim to put about the owl's neck, so stay tuned!

UPDATE on Hooter Owl:

UPDATE:  By the way, Sue Dulle also diagrams and edits stitch guides for teachers and stitch guide writers.  Here's what she has to say on the topic.  Very appropriate as I'm about to go check over the stitch guide I finished last night for omissions and typos!

Apr 5, 2013

Julia's Needleworks Guides Listing

Julia's Needleworks has started a page of available stitch guides for their designs available from various shops.  First on the list is a sled from Beth's Needlepoint Nook.  I think you'll need to contact Beth's to pick up the guide, so the second link is to the Beth's website.


Julia's also has a lot of free stitch guides available on their website.  Here's the direct link to that area.

Apr 4, 2013

Owl Sightings UPDATED

Ruth Schmuff just announced a stitch guide is available for Sandra Vargas's Midnight Owl through Ruth's store, Bedecked and Beadazzled.  If you like pattern and owls, you'll over this. (I swear that tree branch is made from one of my husband's ties!)  Ruth distributes Sandra's designs so your shop can order the canvas for you from there.

UPDATE:  A second owl has a stitch guide, writer unknown.  This is the Midnight Crescent owl also from Sandra Vargas.  Choices are always good!

Apr 3, 2013

Tailoring a Perfect Jacket

When I ran across this wonderful little nutcracker done from a Robin King stitch guide, I had to show it off.  I agree with Denise--that jacket is terrific.

Sorry, I don't know the canvas designer's name.