Jul 31, 2019

Beach Party Palooza (Annie Lane and Wellesley Needlepoint)

A few close ups of the model for Annie Lane's "Beach Party Palooza" are posted on Facebook now.  Use the right side arrow to see all three photos.

The guide is by Wellesley Needlepoint.   You can see the entire design on their website (unstitched).

Jul 29, 2019

Lady with Mandala (Brenda Stofft and Ruth Schmuff)

This beaded extravaganza is "Lady with Mandala" by Brenda Stofft.  Ruth Schmuff did the stitch guide in a class at her shop.  It's now available from Bedecked and Beadazzled.  Follow the link for details.

Jul 27, 2019

Santa (Needle Bug and Janeann Sleeman)

This Santa is a shop exclusive to the Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama.  Stitch guide by Janeann Sleeman.  Contact the shop to pick up the canvas and guide.

Jul 25, 2019

Melissa Mocking (Vicki Sawyer and Rhea McCutchen Irish)

This gorgeous version of Vicki Sawyer's "Melissa Mocking" was stitched by Rhea McCuthen Irish.  The canvas is available from Melissa Shirley and the stitch guide from Rhea.

Jul 19, 2019

Seasons (Jeanette Kuvin Orin and Leslie Thornton DeCoux)

Leslie has finished her model for the Seasons set of canvases, art work by Jeanette Kuvin Orin, canvases from Art Needlepoint.  You can get the canvas from Art Needlepoint and the guide from Leslie.

Jul 17, 2019

Heart and Graphics (SharonG and Pat Dettmann)

Mary Lou just finished the graphic heart SharonG designed, using a stitch guide from Pat Dettmann.

The canvas is available from Fleur de Paris, which is SharonG's distributor.  Contact Pat for a copy of the guide.

Jul 13, 2019

Jul 11, 2019

Jul 10, 2019

Free Guides from Enriched Stitch UPDATED

Enriched Stitch is offering a different kit in the shop each month, and starting in July 2019, a part of the stitch guide for the design will be offered at no charge on the shop's blog and their Facebook page.  You can see the July and August 2019 designs on their blog.  Follow the links to order.

UPDATE:  Here is the free guide for the beach heart.

UPDATE:  Here is the free guide for the seahorse.

Jul 9, 2019

Enough (Terry Runyon and Cynthia Thomas)

Maggie Thompson showed off Cynthia Thomas' model for the Terry Runyon design called "Enough" on Facebook.  Your favorite shop can order the canvas from Maggie and the guide from Cynthia.

Jul 7, 2019

Jul 4, 2019

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty (Mile High Princess and Carolyn Hedge Baird)

Carolyn Hedge Baird showed off her three Uncle Sam and three Lady Liberty standup from Mile High Princess on Facebook.

Your favorite shop can order any of these from Mile High Princess and the guides are available from Carolyn.