Aug 25, 2019

Gossip Girls (Strictly Christmas and Sally Baer)

Joyce shows off her from Strictly Christmas canvas of five "Gossip Girls."  Sally Baer of BB Designs is finalizing the stitch guide which should be available through Strictly Christmas soon.

Aug 19, 2019

Graphic Elephant (DJ Designs and Susan Portra)

Mel's striking elephant is a design from DJ Designs, one of a series of animals.  Mel used Susan Portra's stitch guide to work this into an amazing piece of art.

You can see the free guide for the giraffe in this series in Needlepoint Now magazine in this online article.

Other animals in the series are for sale by

Aug 17, 2019

Cat and Cocktails (Dominic Bourbeau)

Are you a fan of Mad Men on tv?  Is Mid Century Modern furniture a favorite?  Then you need this new canvas (by Dominic Bourbeau) and its stitch guide (by Ruth Schmuff)!

Perfect for the bar that thought it had everything—until now!

By the way, Amy Bunger has done a guide for the Cat and Cocktails, too.