Apr 29, 2010

Tink and the Shady Ladies

Tink Boord-Dill's designs often come with a stitch guide.  Tink does both charted and painted canvases, although most folks are more familiar with her Shady Ladies series (Shady Lady 7 "You've Got a Friend" is shown here) or her alphabet books than with her other pieces.  Some designs are available both as a painted canvas or as a chart.

Apr 24, 2010

Petei Stitch Guides UPDATED

Petei's stable of little people is very popular with stitchers and also with shops, many of which have offered some of her Santas as monthly clubs. Monthly Clubs mean you sign up for a series of designs at a shop (some places let you just buy one canvas) that are mailed to you periodically in kit form--canvas, stitch guide and all the threads needed.  Often once the monthly club series is over, you can still buy a canvas with everything needed from the shop.  But often you can't.  It depends on whether the original canvases are still available and whether the shop wants to bother to kit out a canvas just for one buyer.

Here are Petei's canvases on her website, many of which are sets of familiar fictional characters like Peter Pan, Wendy, and the crocodile, or single historical figures like Sir Walter Raleigh and Henry VIII and his Wives, or Cleopatra or Carmen Miranda.  NOTE:  Painted Pony has bought the line so the old Petei website doesn't have photos linked from the home page any more.  These links still work as of early Sept. 2013.

The very newest Petei canvases have their own page.

I know that Diana Bosworth has designed a great many Santa canvases for French Knot in Fort Worth, Texas.  Here's an interview about Diana that I republished on my other Blog, the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure.

Here are the Petei Santas she has done for the French Knot.  Some are still available as single kits.

Old World Designs has also done some Petei canvases as monthly clubs.  I believe all of these are still available as a single kit.  They were designed by Nancy Reeves.  Here are the 2006 Global Gals,

and here are the 2005 Global Gals.  UPDATE:  Old World Designs just announced they are going to re-release the guides for the newly revived Petei line.

John Waddell has done stitch guides for the Petei Nativity set and quite a few of the Santas.  They are $10 each.  The bottom of the page has non-Petei stitch guides.  I've feature John's work in a separate blog article.  Search using John Waddell to see it.

These kits are not exactly stitch guides since they include a guide as well as the canvas and threads needed but it is a great place to pick up a stitch guide if you are a big Petei fan.