Jan 29, 2013

Texas Basket with Stitch Guide

Carolyn Hedge Baird just announced the completion of a stitch guide for a Melissa Shirley Texas-themed basket canvas.  The canvas has a lovely floral and cactus display and the state bird adorning the design.

Jan 28, 2013

Nimble Needle Atlanta Stitch Guides

The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs (near Atlanta) offers guides for some of their projects.  There isn't a list on their website but they have photographs of a Raymond Crawford menorah candle set and two funny carved Halloween pumpkins stitched by Stacey Brown.

Jan 27, 2013

Raymond Crawford's Deviled Egg UPDATED

Deviled Egg, by Raymond Crawford
Raymond Crawford just announced that this bad egg canvas and a stitch guide will be available at Sample It! night at the Winter TNNA show in early February.  Tell your shop to pick one up for you if Bad Boys are what you like stitching!

Sorry, I don't know who did the stitch guide but they did a very nice job.  UPDATE:  The guide is by Diana Bosworth, whose talent is legendary.

Jan 25, 2013

Figgy Pudding

Just in time for TNNA's Winter 2013 trade show, Vicky DeAngelis has the Kirk and Hamilton design Figgy Pudding back from the finisher.  This is British to the core.  Vicky is going to teach this to the shops at the TNNA trade show and a stitch guide will be available from her later on.

Jan 23, 2013

Witch Hats, Julia and Ruth Included UPDATED

Ruth Schmuff and Julia Snyder continue their stitch guides collaboration with a series of small decorative witch hat canvases from Brenda Stofft.  If you are a Halloween person or just love hats, check this out.


Ruth's shop website has a section devoted to stitch guides.  The prices are for the canvas with the guide included.

Jan 19, 2013

The Snowman (from Sandy Courtesy of Hingham Square)

Sandy Grossman-Morris just announced one of her stand up snowman canvases is being stitched by Hingham Square Needlepoint.  There will be a stitch guide too!

(If this long link does not work, try this Tiny URL.)

Here is the website for Hingham Square Needlepoint so you can contact them about the guide, but Jack the Snowman canvas can be ordered by any shop for you directly from Sandy.

Jan 7, 2013

This is what happens on Facebook....

When you have a Facebook account, you will see Melissa Shirley's newest designs (like this peacock).

When you see that peacock, you will ask Amy Bunger to order it for you, then sign up for an embellishment class with Tony Minieri at Amy's shop to which you will take said peacock canvas.

You will be very broke and very happy!

As a side bonus, once Tony does the guide for Jane you will be able to buy it from him as well.  Just talk to Edwardian Needle who handle coordinating such things with him.

It all started with a Facebook account....

Jan 3, 2013

Old Crows All Over

Sandy Arthur is busy stitching three Old Crows canvases for classes here and there.  The latest is for Needle Works.  Sandy tells me stitch guides will be available from her website in a bit.  Right now she's on a teaching trip and then it will be time for the biggest TNNA trade show of the year, so we need to wait patiently until she gets home and can update the site.




Of course I have done an Old Crow, too.  It was an awesome design!  The guide is available either from me directly or from Leigh Designs.