Oct 29, 2010

Gone Stitching Does Stitch Guides

Gone Stitching has updated their website with a partial list of the stitch guides they have available.  The guides are usually for canvases from their line but I've seen a guide for a JP Needlepoint canvas and several Leigh canvases, all by Renee Seidman.  The site shows whether the stitch guide is included with the canvas price or if you have to pay extra.  I know there are more plans to add items with guides here so if you are interested in designs with a Jewish theme that have guides, this is the place to start.

Adrienne Spencer's Custom Stitch Guides UPDATED

Close up of Adrienne Spencer's backgammon board
Adrienne Spencer teaches needlepoint and also creates custom stitch guides for designers and regular stitchers like you and me.  She does beautiful work which you can see in the Gallery section of her website (including the lovely backgammon board above).  Unfortunately, her website doesn't talk about charges for custom guides but I expect that depends on the size and complexity of the design.

UPDATE:  Adrienne has added a page that lists all the stitch guides she has available and their prices.  You have to go to her Gallery to see photographs but she has made that easy by including a link on the stitch guide list page.  Click and go!

Oct 26, 2010

Bongo Does Stitch Guides

If you are a fan of the simple graphic designs Kathy Paterson does for Bongo, you will be happy to hear that she's doing larger canvases (that's Eternity above; there will be a companion piece with a gingko leaf center shortly) and stitch guides are going to be available.

So far there's no mention on her website of which canvases have guides or if there is an additional charge for them.  Hopefully more information will be added to the website soon.

Oct 14, 2010

The Brazil Cha-Cha Stitch Guide is Now Available

Leigh Designs' Brazil Cha-Cha
The newest Chilly Hollow stitch guide is now available.  Just email me at sgfromchnp@gmail.com and I'll tell you how to order and pay for it.  The PDF version of the stitch guide costs $20 while a hard copy mailed to your door is $75, postage included.  Wholesale pricing is available if you are a shop.

Brazil  Cha-Cha is twenty-eight pages long and has a section especially on light coverage stitching.  There are extensive instructions on how to attach the Ultrasuede head and how to form the silk ribbon wings and tail feathers which are done in River Silks silk ribbon.  There is an additional four page list of threads with plenty of information to help you substitute other threads if you can't easily get the ones I used.

Cha is one of a series of eight canvases celebrating Brazil and its exotic bird and plant life.  You can see the whole series on the Leigh Designs website.

You can order the lovely silk ribbons used on this piece on the River Silks website.  There are tips on using silk ribbon here and in the Cha-Cha stitch guide.