Mar 29, 2015

Aloha from Needlepoint Etc.

Tess just posted a photograph of her finished & More canvas that says "Aloha."  The stitch guide was done by the owner of Needlepoint Etc. in Honolulu--Gussie Schubert.

If you need this reminder of Hawaii's charms, talk to Gussie about getting the canvas and her guide.

Mar 28, 2015

New Artist, New Stitch Guide (MaryJane Mitchell and Julia Snyder)

Ruth Schmuff just introduced a new artist, MaryJane Mitchell, with a canvas of a cat among the flowers that comes with a guide by Julia Snyder.  If you love cats, this is for you!

Looks like Julia's recipe for fun includes beads, silk ribbons, Silken Straw, memory thread and lots and lots of interesting threads.  Thanks, Ruth.  This is just the sort of spring canvas we need here in the depths of winter.  At least it feels like it with snow showers in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Mar 27, 2015


Sultry Outback 6301 from Leigh Designs' Jungle Heat Series
Guess what my next model and stitch guide for Leigh Designs will be?

You only get one guess.  LOL

Sulty Outback as a Pillow, Courtesy of Leigh Richardson and Cynthia Thomas

The finished pillow above is my model of Jungle Heat: Sultry Outback, made into a pillow by West Coast Creations, and decorating Leigh Designs' trade show booth at the Columbus show for Summer 2015.  Thanks for taking the photograph, Cynthia!

Here are the rest of the Jungle Heat series, which comes in two sizes, both on 18 count canvas.  Here are the 10x10 set...

...and here are the 6x6 "coaster" versions.

UPDATE:  Pat's going to stitch "Fiery Brazil."  Let the fun begin!

UPDATE #2:  Pat has finished the guide for Fiery Brazil. It makes a fabulous pillow!  The finishing for Pat's model was also by West Coast Finishing.

Mar 26, 2015

Garden Party (Vicki Sawyer) UPDATED

Vicki Sawyer's "Garden Party" was the subject of a Julia Snyder class at Enriched Stitch last week. Now that the class is over, the shop is selling the stitch guide and canvas and threads as a kit.

If you are interested, contact the shop.

UPDATE:  Tony Minieri now has a stitch guide for this canvas.  This is Barbara's finished model.

Mar 25, 2015

The Easter Parade (Liz)

This charming Easter parade canvas, featuring rabbits, ducks and a squirrel and butterfly, parading with their spring flowers and basket, is being stitched by Pam L. at Needle House in Houston.  Pam will have the stitch guide available shortly.

The canvas is from Liz Dillon of Tapestry Tent (distributed by Susan Roberts).  Contact Needle House for Pam's stitch guide.

Mar 24, 2015

Woodlawn Reminder

The Loudoun Sampler Guild just posted a reminder that Woodlawn's exhibit is nearly over.  Here's all about the show.  Note that they are going to be open Tuesdays for the rest of the month since so many days have been lost to bad weather.  (We even have flurries in the forecast for today and freezing rain and sleet tomorrow.  Sigh.)

Tony and Choko and Machi (Leigh Designs) UPDATED

Beth has posted a finished photograph of one of Leigh Design's large geishas (this one is called "Choko") on Facebook.  She stitched this for a client of Anne's Needlepoint using Tony Minieri's guide.

Beth is also stitching Leigh's "Machi" but it is not done yet.  Just FYI if you want to see what Tony's guides for these two pieces end up looking like.

UPDATE:  Tony's also done a guide for Hana.  Spectacular!

Mar 20, 2015

Suzanne Hicks and Her Stitching Plans

Suzanne at Hugs and Stitches writes about her stitch guides (she calls them "stitching plans") and the philosophy behind them on her blog.  The photos show a typical Suzanne guide, so you can tell if her work is going to be something you will find easy to follow.

Interesting in one of Suzanne's guides?  Email her at or contact her via her blog.

Mar 19, 2015

Owl Collector Alert (Zecca)

Fans of owls and fans of Zecca will soon become fans of Carolyn Hedge Baird as well if they stitch this great Zecca owl according to Carolyn's guide.   You can see the finished product here.

Contact Carolyn via her Facebook page, "Needlepointing in Your Nest," or reach her via Chaparral in Houston, Texas.

Mar 17, 2015

The Heron (Susan Roberts)

This Susan Roberts heron was stitched by Amy using a stitch guide from Saira Himelfarb of Chandail.

Contact the shop for help getting the canvas and guide for your very own.

Mar 16, 2015

Lambie Pie (Vicki Sawyer)

Rebecca Gebhardt of Enriched Stitch has finished the stitch guide for Vicki Sawyer's "Lambie Pie."  This canvas is distributed by Melissa Shirley and your shop can get the guide from Melissa when they order you the canvas.  I think you can also pick up the guide from Enriched Stitch since Becki works there.

Mar 15, 2015

The February Banner (Rebecca Wood and Brenda Bell)

Louise's Needlework has a terrific guide for Rebecca Wood's February Valentine cottage banner posted on their Facebook page.  The 23-page guide is from Brenda Bell.

By the way, Brenda Hart wrote A Banner Year (published by The Red Thread) which covers a dozen of Rebecca Wood's banners.

Whether you want to just stitch February or the whole year, the two Brendas have you covered!

Mar 14, 2015

The Crane (Red Thread with Brenda Hart)

Are you a fan of Asian designs?  Then you'll love The Red Thread's "The Crane" which has a stitch guide from Brenda Hart.  I don't know if the canvas comes with the guide but you can ask Louise's Needlework who posted about this on their Facebook page.

Use the left side arrow to see the unstitched painted canvas.

Mar 13, 2015

Summer Ice Cream Cones

Mary Susan at the Enriched Stitch has finished this lovely Summer piece with Fourth of July bunting and wonderful ice cream cones.  The stitch guide will be finished shortly.  Contact the shop for details.

By the way, I think the canvas is from Maggie/Ewe and Eye, but I am not certain.

Mar 10, 2015

The Donkey and His Friends (Linda Carter Holman)

Kimberly just posted a photograph of her magnificent Carter Holman donkey stitched using Sherry Bray's guide on Facebook.

The canvas is distributed by Melissa Shirley and is on 13 count.  Its official name is "Following the Star."  Contact Sherry via her Facebook page or the FB page of Queen Anne Stitches.

Mar 9, 2015

Explosions in Blue, Brown and Lime (Machelle Sommerville)

Peacock Alley in Michigan is having a Machelle Sommerville trunk show, featuring this beauty that has a Robin King stitch guide.  If you are a fan, this is something you might need!

Mar 8, 2015

Bird of Paradise (Susan Brattle Designs)

Elizabeth shows off her spectacular Bird of Paradise from Susan Brattle Designs using a Patrica Sone stitch guide.  Elizabeth says the beading is lovely in person but invisible to the camera.  This is a big piece (twenty inches square) and will be framed.  Lovely!

You can contact Patricia via her Facebook page if you want this guide.

Mar 6, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Patchwork Santa (Julia's Needleworks) UPDATED

My Patchwork Santa, Gift from a Friend

Stephanie showcased her Patchwork Santa on her blog this morning.  Since I think the Carole Lake stitch guide for both him and for Mrs. Patchwork Santa is still available, I thought I'd add the link here.

These two Christmas icons have been so popular that Julia's Needleworks also has a Mrs. Patchwork version without the apron.

Bristly Thistle stocks these designs in case you don't have a local shop to order them and the guide.

Merry Patchwork Christmas!

UPDATE:  Jena has posted photos of both her finished pieces on Facebook.  Wonderful!

UPDATE #2:  Apparently the Needle Works has both canvases and guides available.

Mar 5, 2015

You Look MAHVALOUS, Darling! (Colors of Praise) UPDATED

This charming lady with a fabulous hat, sunglasses and a cuff bracelet is by Colors of Praise, stitch guide by Linda Corirossi.  The guide is full of fabulous tips, such as mixing Burmilana and Wisper in a balloon stitch for the hat, then brushing the end result.  You can contact Linda via her Facebook page to get the guide.

UPDATE:  Julia Snyder also has a stitch guide for this beauty.

Mar 3, 2015

Virginia's Stitch Along Sundays (Scott Church) UPDATED

Virginia Barney is going to do a Sunday stitch along, using Scott Church's "Zebra Dressed for Winter" piece.  This is a fairly large piece (9 x12 inches) but it is on 13 count so it should go fairly quickly.

Scott's work is distributed by CBK, so any shop can order this for you if they don't happen to have a copy already.

The first lesson is about adding large snowflake patterns to the background.  You'll find a list of threads and the various snowflake patterns diagrammed here.  Stay tuned for additional updates next Sunday as Virginia blog-stitches her way through this cute project.


Here is lesson two, all about the zebra and his hat.

Mar 2, 2015

Latest Stitch Guide News from TNNA Winter 2015

Since it is two months now since the January 2015 show, I've moved all the news items from the tab about the show to a regular article.  Latest on top!

Mary Waldsmith at Owl Stitchery has added two pages of models for which she's done guides to her site.  Have fun exploring "Owls" and "Stitched Canvases."

Laura Perin is working on a stitch guide for Sandra Gilmore's "The Sentinel."  She's added a beautiful border to this wolf portrait and started on the birch bark.  It's going to be lovely!  (UPDATE:  The finished piece is shown at the second link below.)

Terry Christopher Castillo has a fabulous guide for Tapestry Tent's rabbit portrait.  Talk to Terry or Susan Roberts (the Tapestry Tent distributor) to get the canvas and guide.

Melissa Prince has a new series called "Homes of America" featuring classic houses across the USA. Patricia Sone will be doing the guides for these.

New Creations Picture Framing has posted multiple photos of Sherry Bray's model of Rebecca Wood's Easter scene.  The photos highlight their work but you can get an idea of what a fabulous job Sherry did with this canvas from them. The guide is available from her.

I'll be stitching "Sultry Outback" from Leigh Designs' Jungle Heat series.  The stitch guide will be  available from either me or Leigh Designs when I finish work.

Pat Miller of the Needleart Nut blog will be stitching "Fiery Brazil" from Leigh Designs' Jungle Heat series.  The stitch guide will be a available from Pat or Leigh Designs when she finishes.

Jessie Broussard has done a guide for this fabulous red and gold Alice Peterson pears pillow called "Red Pears."

Colleen of The Needle Works is going to create a stitch guide for one of the new Debbie Mumm/Melissa Shirley owl canvases.

Boy, am I SLOW!!  I just realized Patricia Sone posts photographs of her stitch guide models on her Facebook page.  This is her photo album.   The top photo on the left is the latest and shows her at TNNA's Teacher Showcase.  Some things are teaching pieces only, I think, but message Patricia using Facebook to find out for sure if you fall in love.

Cynthia Thomas has done a guide for Shelley Tribbey's newest Halloween people piece, here mad into a fabulous pillow.
Laura Taylor's latest guide is for this Sundance flowers along a fence line piece. She's teaching it at Market and the canvas with guide will be available after the trade show.

Laura Taylor is also teaching a Needle Deeva turkey piece and a Southwestern still life (unknown designer) at Market.

Carolyn Hedge Baird is doing to do a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's Winter White Basket. Yeah!

This cute Needle Deeva Holiday House is brand new and will have a wonderful Mary Waldsmith stitch guide available at the TNNA show.  Here is the finished piece.

Sandy Arthur of Duo Designs has updated her website with more stitch guides for sale.  Even if you aren't in the market for one of these guides, the great photos of Sandy's finished pieces are worth a good look!

Melissa Shirley just announced three new guides on Facebook (and posted one older stitch guide) from Mary Legallet--The Red Cottage, Perfect Pink Santa, Rustic Santa and the Snowmen Pillow (which is underway but not quite ready yet).  The Snowmen pillow is from Mary Lake-Thompson while the other three are Melissa's own designs.

Peggi at Tapestry Fair is working up a stitch guide for this great new canvas officially called "The Hen" from Peggy O'Leary.  (I think of it as the Little Red Hen with Attitude--LOL.)  You can read about her guide and see the canvas here.  Clicking on the photo will enable you to see better what Peggi has done with it.