Mar 27, 2015


Sultry Outback 6301 from Leigh Designs' Jungle Heat Series
Guess what my next model and stitch guide for Leigh Designs will be?

You only get one guess.  LOL

Sulty Outback as a Pillow, Courtesy of Leigh Richardson and Cynthia Thomas

The finished pillow above is my model of Jungle Heat: Sultry Outback, made into a pillow by West Coast Creations, and decorating Leigh Designs' trade show booth at the Columbus show for Summer 2015.  Thanks for taking the photograph, Cynthia!

Here are the rest of the Jungle Heat series, which comes in two sizes, both on 18 count canvas.  Here are the 10x10 set...

...and here are the 6x6 "coaster" versions.

UPDATE:  Pat's going to stitch "Fiery Brazil."  Let the fun begin!

UPDATE #2:  Pat has finished the guide for Fiery Brazil. It makes a fabulous pillow!  The finishing for Pat's model was also by West Coast Finishing.


NCPat said...

This is going to be gorgeous!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I hope so! I love pink and all the rather empty spaces I can play with. Stay tuned!