Jun 25, 2014

Almost Ready Stitch Guides

With the rising importance of Facebook in the needlepoint world, stitch guide writers and teachers have started posting progress photos of guides they have underway on Needlepoint Nation and on their personal Facebook pages.  Sharon Quick has posted photographs of the Frog King and Queen canvases from Maggie.  Their Royal Highnesses' guides will be ready shortly.




Connie Glenn Camp is working on the Fourth of July March from Ashley Dillon/Susan Roberts and posted close up of Uncle Sam, the American Eagle in his top hat.  Fourth of July March will be available through Nashville Needleworks (second link below).  Connie is about to add beads and sequins to the night sky to indicate fireworks, by the way.


Jun 19, 2014

Family Arts Needlework Stitch Guides

Family Arts has updated their website to show four Ewe and Eye stitch guides available from the shop.  I don't know the stitch guide authors but the canvases include the "March Wind Birdhouses", "The Outhouses," "The Mighty Big Pumpkins," and "Sheep and Pumpkins Cart."

Jun 16, 2014

More Robin King Guides

Robin has been to Dallas to teach at Creative Stitches and Gifts, and has her newest stitch guides all ready.  These will be available to the general public once the classes are over.


Robin maintains a list of available stitch guides on her blog.  It keeps getting longer and longer!  Note that Robin does custom guides as well.  She charges by the page for those.  If you are in the market for a stitch guide that is beautifully laid out with plenty of diagrams by a very talented stitcher, you need to consider a Robin King guide.

Jun 15, 2014

Guide for Quail Run's Rooster

Susan has posted a photo of a finished Funky Rooster pillow from Quail Run Designs, stitched using a guide by Sherry Bray.  Contact Quail Run (the shop) or Sherry herself if you are interested.


Jun 13, 2014

Approaching the Skies: A New Stitch Guide

Quail Run has just proudly posted a photograph of Penny Boswinkle's latest masterpiece, Quail Run's "Approaching the Skies."  Penny stitched this in class with Robin King, so there is a stitch guide available from Robin if you want to stitch this beautiful Southwestern design.  Even if Native American patterns from the Southwestern desert are not your thing, check out how the color changes make the stitches change, too.  Amazing stitching, design and guide!

Jun 12, 2014

Scott's Penguins Go Tree Shopping

Enriched Stitch has announced their newest kit with stitch guide--the Scott Church/CBK "Penguins Carrying Christmas Tree."  This charmer is a new design.  You can pick up the canvas with a guide included or just the guide itself if you've already have this hidden in your stash.

Jun 9, 2014

Robin Teams with Dede on Nutcrackers

Robin King has teamed up with dede Odgen to do stitch guides for dede's new nutcracker ornament series.   Long-time readers of the CH stitch guides blog will remember how much I admire what Robin did with the pillow of nutcrackers last year.  These little versions of that larger piece will all come with Robin guides so you can create whimsical and fun nutcracker ornaments for your tree this year.  Start stitching beards, everyone!

Can't Keep a Good Stitcher Down

Sandy Arthur might have a broken leg but that has NOT slowed her down!  She is busy stitching two Sandra Vargas canvases for Bedecked and Beaddazzled (Ruth Schmuff distributes Vargas' work) and of course she is adding to her Leigh Deisgns Russian Santa stitch guide collection.  You can see the unstitched Vargas ladies (the Queen of Hearts looks a lot like Helena Bonham Carter, but I'm not sure WHAT the Mad Hatter lady looks like!) at the link below.

There are two wonderful Russian Santa models to enjoy, and a link to the stitch guide page on her website where you can see all four models she's finished.  Great job, Sandy!

Jun 7, 2014

Baskets and Pears

If you are a fan of Melissa Shirley's Basket series, you will want to consider picking up a copy of the Laura Taylor stitch guide for the October Basket.  The Nimble Needle in NJ has it in stock.

The shop also has the Green Pears guide by the late Wendy Harwood.  This is for a series of Melissa Shirley's small ornamental pears.  Wendy was wildly talented, so pick this one up to treasure and use again and again.

Jun 6, 2014

Brenda Tames Six Wild Horses

Brenda Hart has a new stitch guide for the Laurel Birch "Wild Horses" canvas developed in class at Bedecked and Beaddazzled.  It is now available from Ruth Schmuff at the shop. Ruth also has this Danji canvas if you need more than just the guide.


Jun 5, 2014

More Charley Harper from Robin UPDATED

Robin King is working away on creating two more class stitch guides for Charley Harper designs (Pelican Pantry and Frog Eat Frog).  After the class for which they were created, Robin will offer these guides to the general public.  If you are a Charley fan, check these cuties out!

UPDATE:  Judy Gartman has posted her "Cardinal Cradle" piece, done using Robin's stitch guide, on Facebook.  Isn't that nest wonderful?  So is the beaded caterpillar, the fuzzy chicks, and those marvelous leaves!

UPDATE #2:  Robin has made her guide for Charley Harper's Christmas Capers available now.  That's the one with the raccoons on the roof, making off with the Christmas decorations.  Lizette posted two photos of her finished canvas using Robin's guide on Facebook so you can see how darling it is.

Jun 4, 2014

A Coven of Witches (with Guides)

Enriched Stitch's Becki Gebhardt has written (or is writing) guides for all of Melissa Shirley's fairy tale witch series. They've just come back from the finisher so Suzy posted photographs on her shop blog.  Some of these will be taught in the shop but you will be able to pick up the guides and thread kits even if you can't take the class in person.  (Remember, Enriched Stitch does Skype so you might be able to sit in on the class from the comfort of your

Jun 3, 2014

New Stitch Guides from Amy's Golden Strand

Amy Bunger's June-July 2014 shop newsletter has announced new stitch guides by Amy herself,  and by Lori Carter.

Amy has done a guide for Horatio Hornblower Hooter.  This is one of a series of whimsical owls in period costume from JP Designs.  Amy's also finished a guide for Melissa Shirley's Valentine Basket. The thread kits for this Valentine piece from Melissa's basket series will be ready to ship shortly.  (Remember, you cannot buy a standalone guide from Amy's store; you must buy either the canvas or the thread kit--or both--with your stitch guide.)

Amy, who has been VERY busy, has also finished a guide for Zecca's Fox in a Field, and for Ewe and Eye's House with Ships, which screams Nantucket to me, by the way.

Lori's new guide is the latest in Rogue Needlepoint's Tudor series.  She has just finished Katherine Parr and is starting work on Jane Seymour.  The final queen in the series to be stitched will be Katherine Howard, followed by King Henry VIII himself last.

Finally, Amy lists guides that are being worked on which will be ready later this year:
Annie Lane's Dirty Martini (Amy guide)
Rogue Needlepoint's Queen Jane Seymour (Lori guide)
Labors of Love's Baxter poodle (Amy guide)
JP's Pirate Owl "Hysterical Historical Blackbeak Hooter" (Amy guide)
Melissa Shirley's Fourth of July Basket (Amy guide)

Jun 2, 2014

New Stitch Guides from the Spring 2014 TNNA Show

I thought I'd collect all the news about stitch guides from the Spring 2014 TNNA market in one place.  Latest on top!

The Northern Light Santa (the Blue Russian!) is available now.  Your shop can order my guide from Leigh Designs when they order the canvas or it is available from me directly.

Cynthia Thomas has a new guide for this fishing cat in a patchwork coat canvas from Maggie. The matching frame is from Lisa Krause.

Robin King has a new guide for Birds, a canvas by Edith/Tapestry Fair.

Amy Bunger is going to create a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's new Fourth of July basket.

The Point of It All Designs now has a stitch guide (unknown author) for their Nouveau Heron piece.

Sundance Needlepoint Designs just posted a photo of their Carmen on Facebook. Carmen's a Day of the Dead lady outfitted with Carmen Miranda's signature turban with fruit headdress.  A stitch guide is available.

Laura Perin has finished her latest Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon guide for this cute little snowman canvas.

Laura Taylor has a new website. It lists both her classes and available stitch guides.

Amy Bunger just announced a fun stitch guide for "Bull Sit" from Annie Lane.  The guide is by Cindy McKown and should be ready late May-early June.  Amy's shop is also doing CowHide (second link), also by Cindy.


Sharon Quick just posted on Facebook that she is starting to stitch this Lani flower and bird collage for a guide.   The design is brand new and is called "Rosy Pink Collage."  If you Think in Pink, this is for you!  The guide will be available from Lani Designs (second link) once Sharon is finished.


Jun 1, 2014

Artist at Work (with Dragonflies) UPDATED

Kimberly is working on her newest painted canvas which is called "Flying Jewels" and will have a beautiful intricate border and a string art dragonfly in the corner.  The second link shows the full canvas she's stitching.



UPDATE:  Kimberly taught this at Bedecked and Beaddazzled which will make the kit available if you ask.

Kimberly started out as a counted thread designer and illustrator.  She is now creating painted canvases which she stitches herself so that the stitch guide has her amazing counted work.  She is the only designer I know who is combining painted canvases with counted work--the best of both worlds!

Ruth Schmuff distributes Kimberly's work so watch for the final piece on the Bedecked and Beaddazzled website.