Jun 17, 2011

Witch Hats with Stitch Guide by Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark Witch Hats
Folks love Halloween and they love Kelly Clark's designs, so naturally when Kelly designed witch hats for the June 2011 TNNA show, people got excited.  Here are the bare naked canvases on display in Kelly's show booth (very last photo).  Click to enlarge it.

The hats seem to be made up of two pieces--a triangular hat top and a semi-circular brim. This will make finishing and display easier.  I'm not sure about the size but they look too large to be ornaments.

Nimble Needle (Atlanta, GA) says that there is a spiral-bound stitch guide book for all six witch hats.  The photo that illustrates this article is from their newsletter.  I'm sure they are going to get it in stock.  Here is their website in case you don't have a local shop that can order the stitch guide and a canvas for you.

Needle Works in Austin has another photo of the Kelly Clark witch hats on their shop blog.  Of course they can order for you, too.  (second link)


Many thanks to both shops for keeping us informed!