Sep 24, 2013

BeStitched Now Has Stitch Guides UPDATED

Well, the shop always sold stitch guides but they have a new online store and have a section called "Stitch Guides."  Hurrah!  This is a new venture so for now only two guides (by Lani and Robin King) are listed.  I imagine this will grow as the online store itself grows.

Remember, BeStitched also has a section called "Pax" which are kits:  canvases, stitch guides and threads.  If you need the entire package (usually from their classes) this is the place to look.  But buyer beware--I am told that classes usually include access to videos illustrating stitches and techniques and these are not part of their kits.  It also is wide to read the descriptions carefully as some kits seem to have more than others.

UPDATE:  The shop also has video stitch guides for their retreat projects.  These are short and demonstrate sections of the canvas to help those working the project.

UPDATE #2:  BeStitched has added PDF download stitch guides to their Needlepoint Fix Marketplace.  Right now guides are available for canvases from dede Odgen, Ewe and Eye, Kelly Clark, Maggie, Melissa Shirley, Tapestry Fair and Zecca.

Sep 14, 2013

It's All About the Shoes (and Guides) UPDATED

Recently I received an inquiry about whether a stitch guide for Share One's Ideas' "It's All About the Shoes" design was available anywhere.  This is the canvas.

As you can see, M's Canvashouse had a class on this piece two years ago.  They will sell you the stitch guide if you have the canvas already, or you can get the full kit there.  It's not on their website so you will have to inquire about pricing and availablity.

About the same time (great minds thinking alike and all that) Needlenook of La Jolla also had a class on this canvas.  The details are there.  See the DVD?  David McCaskill who taught the class and who is the manager of the shop, says that it will function well as a stitch guide and folks who buy it who have questions can always email him with questions. Of course you can get the full kit from this shop as well.

So there are plenty of options if you don't want to decorate your own Halloween shoes!

Many thanks to L for asking about this!

UPDATE:  Apparently M's Canvashouse is planning a followup to their All About the Shoes class.

UPDATE #2: Here is the canvas, stitched using Robin King's stitch guide.  Fun!

Sep 12, 2013

A Stitch Guide For Every Experience Level

Nimble Needle reminds us that not everyone wants an advanced stitch guide by highlighting the Just Add Threads series of canvases from Shear Creations.  They come with a stitch guide and use only a few threads so they are perfect for travel or for someone just starting to dabble in needlepoint.  They are also fine gifts if you want to tempt someone who already stitches to start to needlepoint.

Shear Creations is actually Suzanne Howren and Beth Robertson--the geniuses behind the Stitches for Effect series--and is distributed by Artists Collection if you want your local shop to order one or more of these for you.

Sep 10, 2013

Keep an Eye on Facebook

The ease of updating Facebook pages has started a new trend--stitch guide writers are now updating their personal FB pages with photo albums listing all the guides they have written or post an announcement when they start a new guide.  Here are the stitch guide writers who have embraced this trend:

Carolyn Hedge Baird - Look for the Facebook account Needlepointing in My Nest, then check out the "Stitch Guides Available For Sale Written By Moi" photo album.

Robin King - Robin's Facebook account is Robin King.  She posts a photo of her canvas and supplies when she starts a project and sometimes posts the cover page of the finished stitch guide when it is done.  Note that class projects are posted the same way, so read what Robin says about something before assuming it is a stitch guide that is available.  Probably you will be able to get the class materials once the class is over but you will have to ask Robin about that.

I'll update the list as more stitch guide writers start using Facebook as a way of keeping their fans up to date on their newest guides.

Sep 8, 2013

The New Sandy Arthur Stitch Guide Page

Sandy Arthur has added a new section to her website--her stitch guides!  Now you can visit her site and see all the stitch guides she has written.  This is not complete yet and Sandy is always stitching new things, so don't hesitate to come back again and again to see what she's been up to.

Sep 5, 2013

The Stitch Guide Rumor Mill

SharonG is considering a monthly club of small canvases, perhaps perfume bottles, ball gowns or tea cups....

Stay tuned!  If you aren't familiar with Sharon's work, do visit her website!

Sep 4, 2013

CH Designs Debut (with Stitch Guides)

There's another new designer appearing at the trade shows!  It's CH Designs, which will be distributed by Danji.  You may have seen the darling candy cane Santas on eBay at the CH Designs store, which will be closing.

Cheryl will be adding to her website as the line grows.  The designs you see there now all have stitch guides by Cynthia Thomas!  This is a great collaboration as Cynthia has added great detail to a small, quick to stitch design which will be easy to stitch up for the holidays.

Sep 3, 2013

Another Laura Perin Stitch Guide Finished

Laura Perin has finished her second stitch guide, this time for Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon's Statue of Liberty.  It's a lovely piece, not too fancy or difficult, but a perfect interpretation of Liberty in all her majesty and glory.  Congratulations, Laura!  What's next?  A third Sandra Gilmore?'

By the way, any shop can order Laura's stitch guides from her distributor Fleur de Paris.

Sep 2, 2013

Stitch Guides for Rogue's Queens of Henry VIII UPDATED AGAIN

Amy Bunger just announced in her September 2013 newsletter that Lori Carter is writing stitch guides for all the Tudor queens of Henry VIII canvases created by Rogue Needlepoint.  (Scroll down to the last third of the newsletter to see the four canvases designed to date.)  The first canvas, Anne of Cleves, almost has the guide finished.  Keep an eye on Amy Bunger's Facebook page for updates and photos of each queen as they are finished.

UPDATE:  Lori Carter has finished four of the Queens and posted photos on Facebook.  The original designs are the figures only, but Lori adds backgrounds to each.  Remember, the guides are available exclusively from Amy's Golden Strand.  They cost $25 with the purchase of either the canvas or the thread kit (or both).  Amy's doesn't sell guides except as a package deal.

Here is Katherine Parr.

Catherine Aragon

Anne Boleyn

Ann of Cleves

Jane Seymour

Katherine Howard

Henry VIII Himself

More Henry. Use the right side arrow for a closeup.