Sep 10, 2013

Keep an Eye on Facebook

The ease of updating Facebook pages has started a new trend--stitch guide writers are now updating their personal FB pages with photo albums listing all the guides they have written or post an announcement when they start a new guide.  Here are the stitch guide writers who have embraced this trend:

Carolyn Hedge Baird - Look for the Facebook account Needlepointing in My Nest, then check out the "Stitch Guides Available For Sale Written By Moi" photo album.

Robin King - Robin's Facebook account is Robin King.  She posts a photo of her canvas and supplies when she starts a project and sometimes posts the cover page of the finished stitch guide when it is done.  Note that class projects are posted the same way, so read what Robin says about something before assuming it is a stitch guide that is available.  Probably you will be able to get the class materials once the class is over but you will have to ask Robin about that.

I'll update the list as more stitch guide writers start using Facebook as a way of keeping their fans up to date on their newest guides.

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