Sep 30, 2014

The Penguin Parade

Julia Snyder has done a stitch guide for the Scott Church/CBK Designs penguins carrying a Christmas tree canvas . It's available from Bedecked and Beaddazzled if you are interested.  I'm not sure if the guide comes with the canvas or if you have to buy it separately but the shop can tell you.

Christmas is coming.  The penguins are getting ready.  Are you?

Sep 23, 2014

Latest Stitch Guide News From Destination Dallas September 2014

Here's all the news about stitch guides from Destination Dallas September 2014 in one place.  Latest on top!

Cynthia Thomas has done guides for Brenda Stofft's Imelda and Her Cat stand ups.  If you love Halloween, you'll adore this!

Carolyn Hedge Baird has posted a photograph of her just finished Melissa Shirley Halloween Basket. The stitch guide will be available shortly.  Contact Carolyn via her Facebook page or through Chaparral Needlework.

Leigh Designs already has a guide for one of their new series, the Lil Goblins.  It's by me, naturally!  The second link below shows the whole series of trick-or-treaters.

There are two new stitch guides for the Leigh Designs Imari series--the rooster and the dragon.  Details here.

Needle Deeva will have guides from Mary Waldsmith for five of her Fall Hearts at the Dallas show.  I think these hearts are new as I've not seen them before.  Photos of the models here-

Cynthia Thomas has posted photographs of the Debbie Mumm/Melissa Shirley owls she has done guides for on Facebook.  Here you can see the entire set finished, courtesy of Expressions in Needle Art.  The second link shows closeups of the unfinished owls, courtesy of Cindy herself.  Use the arrows to see five of the six.

Lil Goblins for Halloween: Janie

Another of Leigh Designs' Lil Goblin series is about to have a stitch guide.  Pat Miller is stitching Janie in her gypsy/Mexican skirt.   You can watch Pat as she works on her blog--

Janie is coming to life!  I had no idea she had a freckled nose until Pat started work.

Now that Pat has finished stitching, Janie will head to Leigh Designs' studio to become a model and the guides will be available from either Pat herself or from Leigh Designs when your shop orders the canvas for you.

Sep 22, 2014

Classic Santa Front and Back (Patricia Sone)

Melissa Shirley just announced a new stitch guide by Patricia Sone for Melissa's double-sided Classic Santa.  Your shop can order this from Melissa Shirley when they pick up the canvases for you.

Sep 20, 2014

Beach Table (Melissa Shirley)

Melissa Shirley's "Beach Table" has a new guide by Julia Synder.  Use the side arrows to see closeups of the various areas.

Here's Julia's website where you can contact her about buying a guide.  She may only sell wholesale to shops, though.

Sep 16, 2014

Lani and Her Corset

If you need a special stitched piece of lingerie, how about this from Lani?  The stitch guide is by Lani also.

I believe this is the Champagne Corset, one of a series.

Sep 14, 2014

New Guides From Robin King

If you are a fan of Robin King's style--and who isn't?!--you will be happy to hear she has nine more stitch guides available from her classes.

UPDATE:  And there are ten more from her visit to Needlenook of La Jolla.

UPDATE #2:  Lucky thirteen--more guides came out of Robin's visit to Nimble Needle in Atlanta.

To check the full list of Robin guides, visit the special tab on her blog to see what's available, then email Robin for prices.

Sep 13, 2014

BeSttiched with Flowers and a Bird

If you are a fan of Melissa Shirley's table bouquet series, then you'll be fascinated by what Lisa Kessler of BeStitched did with Melissa's "Spring Bouquet."

Talk to BeStitched if you are interested in the guide.  I'm not sure if they sell it except as a kit but since the guide uses Barbara Elmore's new ribbons, the kit might be a good investment rather than hunting all over for new ribbons.

Sep 12, 2014

Yvonne and Lani and Amy (UPDATED WITH TONY)

Amy Bunger has done a stitch guide for Lani's "Fairy Yvonne" canvas.  Here is a photo of the piece underway.

If you are interested, contact Amy's shop.  Please note that Amy does not stitch stitch guides alone.  They are part of a package deal, so you will have to get the thread kit and/or the canvas before Amy will sell you the guide.

UPDATE:  By the way, Tony Minieri also has done a stitch guide for Yvonne.  Harriet just posted three photographs on Facebook.  Contact him to get his version if it is more your style than Amy's.

Sep 11, 2014

The Eagle from The Collection

There is a stitch guide available for the American eagle and flag canvas from The Collection at Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY.  Here is a photograph of the piece underway.

If you are interested, contact the shop.

Sep 8, 2014

Stitch Suggestions from Fireside

Fireside Stitchery has updated their website with a list of "stitch suggestions" available for purchase.  It looks like you have to buy the threads and embellishments kit plus the stitch suggestions as a package.  The canvases are available for purchase separately.  There is a good variety of canvases from many designers available with their guides.

The shop also has a listing of the guides they've already written.  Browse to see if the guide (hand written or typed) is already done.

Sep 7, 2014

More Imari Guides

The latest stitch guide for the Imari series is ready for viewing on the Leigh Designs website.  This is Flaming Fowl 6287, the large rooster canvas, with stitch guide by Sandy Arthur.

Although the stitching is finished for Dreams of the Dragon 6283, Sharon Quick hasn't totally finalized her stitch guide.  She did post a photograph on Facebook, however (link below).

Here is Sharon's Dreams of the Dragons framed.  Nice!

I have given the numbers for these canvases since Leigh Designs has two sizes of the Imari series, the 10 inch square canvases with guides mentioned above, and six inch rounds.  The guides can be used for either size.

Katie Boo, the Princess Lil Goblin

Katie Boo, Ready for Candy!

Leigh Designs' new Lil Goblins series already has a Chilly Hollow stitch guide for Katie, the little blonde wearing a paper crown, Mary Janes and a cloak made from a blanket.  The guide is so new there's no pricing yet but it will be available next week after Destination Dallas ends and all the designers are back home, ready to ship more orders.

Sep 6, 2014

Three New Guides from Pat Miller

Pat is a demon stitcher!  As proof, she has three new guides available for three Leigh Design canvases.  She's stitched the small size of the Imari Meditating Mums, a Highland stag stocking for those who want something classic and somewhat masculine for their holiday and the fun Julep cat for those looking for a touch of whimsey.  Guides are available from Leigh Designs when your shop orders the canvases for you or you can pick up the guide alone from Pat via The "Available Stitch Guides" tab on her blog.

Sep 5, 2014

Carter Homan Rabbits and Vase

Terry Christopher of 2 the Point has done a wonderful guide for the Linda Carter Holman/Melissa Shirley Designs piece of two rabbits and a vase.  You can see the piece being stitched here.

Contact Terry through her shop if you need this guide.

Sep 4, 2014

The Cool Cardinal (Charley Harper)

Pat's finished the stitch guide for "Cool Cardinal", a Charley Harper design.  The canvas is available from Treglown Designs which has the rights to Charley Harper designs on needlepoint canvas, and the guide is available from Pat directly via her blog.  Click on "Available Stitch Guides" to purchase.

Here is the unframed canvas.

Here are all Pat's cardinal canvases, framed to be hung together.  Nice!

Hopefully stitch guides for the other pieces are in the works so you too can have a flock this winter.

Sep 3, 2014

The Paisley Pumpkin is Still Growing

Colleen at The Needle Works in Austin is working on Karen's Paisley Pumpkin, which is exclusive to the shop.  It's not done yet but if you need a paisley pumpkin in your patch, contact Needle Works (second link) and ask.

Sep 1, 2014

Laura's at The Beach UPDATED

Laura Persin has started work on her next Sandra Gilmore piece, "Shellscape."  She isn't sure when this guide will be ready.  The stitch guide is available from Fleur de Paris and Laura herself now.  It's fun to see how she is approaching this canvas.

UPDATE:  The design is stitched and it is lovely!