Chillyhollow Stitch Guides Errata

Despite my best efforts, errors do creep into stitch guides, particularly when it comes to thread numbers.  Below are all the problems I know about.  Sorry!

If you have questions about one of my guides, just shoot me an email. I'm reachable at  Just give me a day or so to respond.  I only check messages once a day.

Blickling Hall 7205 from Leigh Designs' Manor Born Series
The darkest olive-gray Finca cotton floss should be 8589, not 8858.

Geisha Rabbit B-195 from Brenda Stofft Design
The DMC cotton floss on the materials list should be 794, not 974.  The number is correct in the text of the stitch guide.  Also, strike through thread i on the thread list. It's a duplicate listing of thread v.

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