Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides

Want to buy a stitch guide from me?  Just email me at and tell me which guide you are interested in.  I'll do the rest.  I accept personal checks.  Right now I'm not accepting PayPal due to the changes in costs and procedures they have implemented.

If you are curious about what my guides are like, look at the stitch-a-longs I've posted in tabs here.  My guides are shorter and don't talk as much about why I choose something than a stitch-a-long does, but they will give you some feel for my style.  It's always good to pick a stitch guide writer whose style is similar to your own, I think.

(By the way, if you are looking for a stitch guide by someone else, use these locator tips.)

The currently available guides are listed below.  Prices below are retail.  Wholesale pricing available to shops.  The prices are for PDF files emailed to you for you to print out.   A hard copy mailed to you via the U.S. Mail costs $10 more, which includes postage and insurance and covers the printing costs.  The only exception is the Pirate Cat stitch guide which has to be ordered from the designer, Patt and Lee Designs...

I'm sorry, but I no longer create custom stitch guides.  My time is very limited these days and custom guides are very time-consuming for me to do among all the other chores.

Free Guides:
(available as a PDF file if you  email me at

Bloomin' Stitches' I'm Not a Bitch - PDF version free  (The company has closed and the canvas no longer available but I'll still send you a free guide if you have the canvas tucked away in a drawer.)

Point Of It All Designs' "Good Day-No Flying Monkeys" #S-386 - PDF version free

Check the Stitch-a-Long tabs here, too.  It's not a stitch guide per se but you can follow along as I stitch several designs publicly.

List of Currently Available Stitch Guides-By Designer:

Leigh Designs:
Alta 4415 from Water Babies Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Barcelona Coaster 6250 from ESPANA Series (Leigh Designs) - $20
Belladonna 5235 from Witchy Women Series (Leigh Designs) - $26
Bermuda 6267 from Caribe' Series (Leigh Designs) - $30
Bermuda Coaster 6277 from Caribe' Series (Leigh Designs) - $20
Blickling Hall 7205 from Manor Born Series (Leigh Designs) - $30
Cha-Cha 6240 from Brazil Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
C'hing Dragon 8212 Ornament from Chinese Dynasty Series (Leigh Designs) - $20
Cosmopolitan Sally 5066 from Sassy Sally series - $25
Fantine 4413 from Water Babies Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
House of Koi 7143 (Leigh Designs) - $25
Imari Divine Dragonflies 6285 (Leigh Designs) - $30
Imari Timeless Tiger Coaster 6291(Leigh Designs) -  $25
Japanese Tea House 7610 (Leigh Designs) - $15
Katie 5201 from Lil Goblins Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Luna 5133 from the Ladies of the Night Series (Leigh Designs) - Under Construction
Miami 5055 from the Gold Digger Series (Leigh Designs) - $30
Miko 7616 Fash Insert (Leigh Designs) - $10
Mimsy 4416 from Water Babies Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Night Rider 5151 from Old Crows Series - $25
Northern Light Santa ("Blue Russian") 8332 from Russian Santa Series (Leigh) - $25
O'jishi 4673 Noh Theater Mask (Leigh Designs) - $25
Seeing Stars Santa 8351 from the Seashore Santa Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Smilin' Jack 7617 Fash Insert (Leigh Designs) - $10
Snow Maiden (Leigh Designs) - $25
Stuart Lion Ornament 8270 from British Dynasty Series (Leigh Designs) - $20
Sultry Outback 6301 from Jungle Heat Series (Leigh Designs) - $30
Temple of 1000 Cranes 7140 (Leigh Designs) - $25
The Watchers from The Familiars Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Tommy the Ghost from Lil Goblins Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Trinidad Coaster 6272 from Caribe' Series (Leigh Designs) - $10
Yorimoto 7151 from Shogun Series (Leigh Designs) - $25
Woodland Belle 8342 from Russian Winter Maiden Series (Leigh Designs) - $25

Brenda Stofft Needlepoint:
Geisha Rabbit B-195 (Brenda Stofft) - $25

Melissa Prince Designs:
Japan Travel Coaster TF111 - $25

Melissa Shirley Designs:
Angel with Tree 1878-D (Melissa Shirley) - $25
Red Geisha (Melissa Shirley Designs) - $25

Patt and Lee Designs:
Pirate Cat (Patt and Lee Designs) - $10

Purple Palm:
Woodstock Christmas Logo - $20

Sundance Needlepoint:
Fuchsia BE-JF36 from Barbara Elmore/Sundance Needlepoint - $25

Tapestry Fair:
Cleo's Cat 1082 (Tapestry Fair) - $25
Halloween Beauty MS-4 (Tapestry Fair) - $30

Stitch Guides Under Construction:
Ladies of the Night: Luna 5133 (Leigh Designs)

Email me at to order a stitch guide or to ask questions. Prices above are for a PDF file emailed to you.  If you need a hard copy, add $10 to the price to cover postage, envelope and insurance.  Hard copies are sent via the U.S. mail with a tracking number.   I will email you a Paypal invoice or send you my snail mail address once you tell me which stitch guide you are interested in.  


Peggy said...

Hi Jane. Thanks for all of the links while we were at the Columbus Market. I am THRILLED about your stitch guides. However, I think you should charge more $$. They are well worth it.


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Peggy, that is very kind of you. I'm trying to make my guides collectible and something that will appeal to many folks. After all, they are in PDF form if you get them from me, which is much cheaper than having to print and mail them. The real hard copy versions from me are quite pricey at $75 each!

But it takes that much to cover costs for paper, ink and mailing costs for fairly large guides with many photographs.

Felice said...

Hi there! Can your Brazil Cha-Cha guide be applied to any of the other Brazil pieces in the Leigh series?
Thank you,

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Felice, it depends. Cha's background is all tent stitches, which obviously will work for any of the designs. The bird on Cha is done with a mix of needlepoint stitches, an Ultrasuede applique on the head, embroidery stitches on top of the Ultrasuede and silk ribbon embroidery for the feathers. The flowers and leaves are done with light coverage stitches and I'm most uncertain about how they will translate to another canvas. The branch with fruit is done with light coverage stitches also except for the grapes which are totally beaded. Why don't you email me directly at sgfromchnp at gmail dot com and tell me which of the Brazil series you are interested in and we can discuss this further?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane, Hi Clicked above on : To Buy Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides Click Here: and nothing happens? I would like to know if you have a stitch guide for the Brenda Stofft Geisha Bunny up at the top. Can you let me know? I absolutely love your stitch guides. YOu do such a great job.

Judy G. (from Stitcherie)

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Hi, Judy! The Click Here just takes you to this information page, it doesn't open a window or anything fancy like that. I have not written up the Geisha Rabbit as a stitch guide to date, but I can do that for you if you are willing to wait a bit. I have a custom guide I am about to start for someone else that will take me around 2 weeks to complete. (I have to fit in stitch guide writing among Regular Life chores.) Then I could work on it and get it done in another 2 weeks or so. That means waiting until the end of July at the earliest. Can you do that? I plan to sell the guide, once it is finished, for $25-30, depending on how long it is and how much time it actually takes me to work it up. Is that acceptable to you? You can email me at if you like about this further.

Anonymous said...

I love the bunny on this site. Can you buy that one to stitch?

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Anon, not yet. I am working on the Brenda Stofft rabbit geisha canvas stitch guide but it is taking me a while since I am also in the midst of several other very time-consuming things. I hope to finish it by Thanksgiving and I'll announce it here when it is ready. So please stay tuned!

Unknown said...

I would like to know where I can purchase a stitch guide for Brenda Stofft's "Geisha Rabbit" - #B-195. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. Janice

Unknown said...

Hello~~I am trying to buy the stitch guide for Brenda Stofft's "Geisha Rabbit" - #B-195. Do you have any suggestions? Janice

Unknown said...

I am trying to locate a stitch guide for Brenda Stofft's "Geisha Rabbit." Do you have any suggestions? Thanks. Janice

Unknown said...

Hello. I am attempting to locate a stitch guide for Brenada Stofft's "Geisha Rabbit" - #B-195. Do you have any suggestions about where I might get one? Thank you. Janice Maher

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Janice, I thought I'd posted a reply here but I don't see it. Let me try again. The Geisha Rabbit guide is underway. I am about half finished with it but I have put it down as well as most of my other stitching, until after the holidays. We are hosting a huge family event at Christmas which means the renovation projects we started this summer thinking we could wrap them up this winter have to be done three months ahead of schedule. There is no time for anything else! I am sorry but there are only so many hours in the day and Beloved thinks they should be spent on things other than needlepoint. I hope to finish it after all the company leaves in January. Unless another disaster happens. Around here, one never knows! Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I thought I'd answered this but it went off into cyberspace. Stay tuned....

Sharon Ward (WardMom) said...

Thank you for keeping them reasonably priced for those of us on a fixed income.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Sharon, most stitch guide writers make very little from their guides. It's impossible to charge what they cost you in terms of the time taken to write them alone. Most guides I write take 40 hours or more.

Carol said...

Wasn't sure where to ask you a question so I hope you don't mind if I ask it here. I'm about to add my grandson's name in petite red velvet to his stocking. The background is white. Can or should I wash the red fiber first to prevent bleeding? Thank you for considering.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Hi, Carol. Generally speaking needlepointers rarely block their work these days but yes, if you are going to get the stocking wet, you definitely want to check to make sure the Petite Very Velvet is colorfast. Most reds are not these days. Get a short length wet and blot it on a paper towel for sure. You might need to switch to a red metallic instead.