Feb 28, 2015

The Cool Carnivore (Charley Harper)

The Enriched Stitch has finished stitching Charley Harper's Cool Carnivore, a portrait of a tiger at a jungle watering hole.  The four-way Bargello background is lovely and the use of Water N Ice for the whiskers is inspired.

If you need this guide you can pick it up through the Enriched Stitch's online shop.

Fusion Beads carries 339 colors, shapes, and sizes of the Swarovski crystal pendant if you want to pick one up for your tiger's watering hole.  I can highly recommend this online bead source.

Feb 25, 2015

Stitch Guides from Fireside Stitchery

As you probably know, Fireside Stitchery in Pennsylvania will do a free stitch guide for you if you buy the threads called for in the guide from them.  Buying the canvas is optional.  They've updated their website with the guides they've written already listed.  Of course they will happily do a guide that's not on this list but if you are in a hurry to get started, it's nice if they have that guide finished already.  Note that some of the guides are hand written and some are typed and all refer to stitches from Jo I. Christensen's Needlepoint Book.  If they want you to use a stitch not diagrammed in Jo's book, they will add that diagram to the guide.

Feb 24, 2015

Party in the Coop (Vicki Sawyer) UPDATED

Virginia Barney at Enriched Stitch has finished stitching Vicki Sawyer's "Party in the Coop" piece.  The guide is available from Melissa Shirley (Vicki Sawyer's distributor), or you can email Virginia at stitchstyleblog@gmail.com.  You can also reach Virginia through her blog where she posted photos of Party in the Coop and her other two models for Vicki Sawyer chicken pieces.

UPDATE:  Virginia has her framed model hanging in her kitchen.  I thought you'd like to see her frame and mat choices.

Feb 23, 2015

Suzie and the Cute Rabbit (Vicki Sawyer) UPDATED

Suzie at the Enriched Stitch has finished stitching one of the rabbits from Vicki Sawyer's whimsical series of animals that Melissa Shirley distributes.  The stitch guide will be ready in a few days!  You can see "Kip the Bun" on Suzie's shop blog.  The store site is the second link below.


UPDATE:  The rabbit is back from the finisher's.  He's so cute!

Feb 22, 2015

Royalty has a Guide (JP Needlepoint)

Colleen has finished her stitch guide for Juli Poitras' Queen Elizabeth Hooter.  If you are interested, talk to Needle Works via their Facebook page or their website (second link below).


Feb 21, 2015

Halloween March (Ashley Dillon) UPDATED

The Halloween March canvas from Ashley Dillon/Susan Roberts has a lovely guide from Terry Christopher Costillo at 2 the Point.  Photos have been posted on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to view all three.

UPDATE: Tony Minieri has done a stitch guide for this piece, too. Gus posted his finished design using it on Facebook.

Feb 18, 2015

Teapots (Colors of Praise and Tony Minieri) UPDATED

The Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama includes the Tony Minieri guide for stitching the Colors of Praise teapot collection if you buy the canvas from them.

This guide isn't listed on Tony's website so it may be a shop exclusive.  Sorry, there doesn't seem to be a photo of the finished piece but we all know it'll be fabulous.  It's from THE Tony Minieri, after all.

UPDATE:  Ruth Schmuff also has a guide for this beauty.


Feb 14, 2015

How to Contact Stitch Guide Writers

I've added a new tab above that's full of contact information for stitch guide writers.  In many cases, your shop can contact the designer for the canvas you are interested in and get the guide that way--which is preferred since that helps support your shop--but if you don't have a shop, or you are interested in a custom guide, or you can't find the guide via your shop, hopefully this will help you reach the creator of that special guide.

If you happen to be a stitch guide writer, please double-check my information.   I want it to be accurate so folks can find you.  Please email me at sgfromchnp@gmail.com with corrections and additions or if I inadvertently omitted you.  Thank you!

Feb 13, 2015

Stardust (Leigh Designs and the Needleart Nut) UPDATED

Pat Miller (the Needleart Nut) has finished stitching Stardust from Leigh Designs' series of Showgirls.  Pat shows off the entire piece in a little video on her blog and there are photos of the various bits of this very tall Las Vegas show girl.

The stitch guide will be available shortly from either Pat (check the Available Stitch Guides tab on her blog) or your shop can order the guide from Leigh when they order you the canvas.

She's lovely, all feathers and stars and beads, just like a proper Vegas girl should be.

UPDATE:  Here she is framed--fabulous!

Another view, this time from Facebook.

Feb 12, 2015

New Terry Christopher Costillo Guides

2 the Point Needlepoint Designs and Fibers has updated their Facebook page with a series of finished pieces done by their customers using guides from Terry Christopher Castillo.   There are canvases from Mindy, Julia, Charley Harper, Kathryn Molineux, Patt and Lee, Associated Talents, Maggie, Sundance, Susan Roberts, and Ewe and Eye.

Jennifer also posted a photograph of another Mindy piece done using one of Terry's guides.

To obtain one of Terry's guides, contact her through her shop contact information (the shop is closed but her studio uses the same contact points) or via her Facebook page.

Feb 11, 2015

Aga Frog (Tony Minieri)

Miriam just showed off her finished AGA frog canvas, stitched using a Tony Minieri guide and finished by Chaparral Needlepoint using some of Carolyn Hedge Baird's fancy ribbons that the shop stocks.

Until you see the bare canvas you can't fully appreciate Miriam's stitching.

Feb 10, 2015

For the Nativity Lovers (Labors of Love)

Elizabeth just posted Stacy's gorgeous Labors of Love three piece Nativity set on Facebook.  This was stitched using a guide from Patricia Sone.  Use Facebook to reach Patricia to get this guide for your own set or contact the shop using the phone number listed below.

Whimsy and Grace Pet Stocking with Guide

This Whimsy and Grace pet stocking posted on Facebook by Carol was worked using a guide from David McCaskill.  Contact David via Needlenook of La Jolla (second link below) if you want the guide.


Feb 8, 2015

New Guides for Lani and Brenda and Melissa and Charley UPDATED AGAIN

Barbara just finished her Lani piece of two Chinese lanterns using a Tony Minieri guide.  Fans of Asian-themed canvases will want to see this beauty.  Barbara did say she modified the guide.   Check Tony's website to order (second link below).  There is a kimono version of this canvas available and Tony's also done a guide for that one, by the way.


Lani also has a tiger with Chinese lanterns kimono that is similar.  She's done a stitch guide for that one herself so contact her for more information.

Laura Taylor has a guide available now for Brenda Stofft's "Running Rabbit with Flowers" seen below.  Contact Laura directly or your local shop can order the guide from her for you.

Pat just finished Charley Harper's "Crazy Cat" using a Robin King stitch guide.  Please note Robin's guide is for the 18 count version and Pat stitched the 13 count version so she had to tweak the threads to fit properly.

Melissa Shirley just announced three new guides are available from Mary Legallet.  The first guide is  for Mary Lake-Thompson's "Snowmen" pillow which has five wonderful snowmen in a row.

The second Mary guide is for Debbie Mumm's "Christmas Amaryllis."

The third Mary guide is also for Debbie Mumm, this time her "Poinsettias."

UPDATE:  Melissa herself has finished a guide for her "Summer Floral."  It has many special touches.

UPDATE #2: Mary Legallet also has two more new Melissa Shirley guides for the Homespun Santa and the Homespun (Rustic) Angel.  The finishing for both pieces is by Marlene's.

It's been a good week for new guides!

Feb 5, 2015

Melissa Prince Stitch Guides

Melissa Prince's canvases are becoming more popular as they become better known and more guides are being written for them.  Right now World in Stitches is having a trunk show and they've posted photos of canvases with their guides.  The photos aren't great but you can see at a glance which canvases have guides.

Here are earlier articles on the CH Stitch Guides Blog about available guides for Melissa Prince canvases:




Hopefully the guide you want for the canvas you admire is listed above!

UPDATE:  Here's Melissa's Chickadee, guide by Patricia Sone.

John Johanssen Interpretations by Sharon Quick (and Sherry Bray)

Sharon Quick has announced a new guide is almost ready for a John Johannsen piece called "Tuscan Sunrise."  (By the way, Carolyn Hedge Baird has also done a stitch guide for this piece which you can see in the second link below.)


She has also finished his "Sunflower Rooster" using a Sherry Bray stitch guide from Queen Anne Stitches with some changes.  She used more beads than the guide in the border, for example, and used more red in the tail feather beading.

Melissa Shirley distributes John's art on needlepoint canvas.  The framing of both pieces was done by New Creations Picture Framing.  Sharon, Sherry, Queen Anne Stitches, Carolyn Hedge Baird, and New Creations Picture Framing can all be reached through their Facebook pages.

Feb 4, 2015

Alligator, Complete with Charm and Stitch Guide

Labors of Love's series of six alligator canvases are now available to everyone with a stitch guide by Linda Juchatz.  I believe these were originally created for a club at It's a Stitch in Charleston, SC.  I'm not sure as their website seems to have disappeared.

Maybe it's just down for maintenance.  They also seem to have a Facebook page.  Hopefully you can find photos of all six alligators somewhere on their website or FB page.  I remember them as being very cute.