Jan 31, 2018

Robin is My Hero

Robin King has started to convert her listing of available stitch guides to make all the design titles clickable.  That way you can immediately see if that's the canvas you want a guide to.

Great idea, Robin!  Guess I will go that route myself.  It takes a while, folks, especially if you have written as many guides as Robin has.

The Tissue Toppers (Leigh Designs, Pat Miller, Sharon Quick and Carolyn Taggart)

Photo Taken by Osterville Needlepoint

Leigh Design's newest designs are a series of eight Tissue Toppers.  That's right, dimensional canvases that are folded into a cover for your box of tissues.  Colleen at The Needle Works took photos at the TNNA show in Las Vegas of the models on display and some of the unstitched canvases.

Three of the eight designs have stitch guides.  To see the finished models click on the photo of any with a guide.  You'll see the stitched canvas both laying flat and after West Coast Finishing made them up.  It's a different way to use your needlepoint and pretty enough to proudly display your Kleenex for guests.


Jan 28, 2018

Jan 26, 2018

Flower Party (Mindy and Terry Christopher Castillo)

Pam has just finished this spectacular "Flower Party" by Mindy using a stitch guide by Terry Christopher Castillo.  Guide available from Terry and your favorite shop can order the canvas from Mindy.

Jan 24, 2018

More Stitch Guides from Ruth Schmuff

Ruth Schmuff has had another embellishment class weekend at Bedecked and Beadazzled.  You can see glimpses of what she laid out for her students on her blog.

Stitch guides for these beauties —canvases by Colors of Praise, Lani, Leigh, Rebecca Wood, Tapestry Fair, and Zecca— are now available.  Contact the shop for details.  The class just ended so everything may not be up on the website just yet.

By the way, another of Ruth's earlier embellishment classes has shown up finished.  This is called "Skating" and is from Lulu My Pink Turtle.  I think it is darling!


Jan 23, 2018

Four Elves from Patience Brewster

Ruth Schmuff has all four Patience Brewster elves, each with a stitch guide by Mary Legallet, available in her online shop.

The canvases are distributed by Kate Dickerson.

Jan 22, 2018

Robin King Stitch Guides for Christmas or Winter

Robin has updated her blog to list all her Christmas-y or winter-themed stitch guides.  If you are interested in one of the guides, just email Robin for help adding it to your collection.

Jan 20, 2018

Mrs. Santa Sleds In (Tapestry Tent and Tony Minieri)

Joanne has finished the spectacular Mrs. Santa Sleds In stocking by Tapestry Tent using a stitch guide by Tony Minieri.  Use the side arrows to see all ten photographs.

Your favorite shop can order the canvas from Susan Roberts while you can get the guide straight from Mr. Minieri himself.

Jan 17, 2018

Candy Claus (Melissa Shirley and The Needle Works)

Janice's "Candy Claus" was stitched using a guide from The Needle Works in Austin, Texas.  The design can be ordered for you from Melissa Shirley by your favorite shop.

Jan 16, 2018

Create Stitch Diagrams on a Mac Using Pages

I've written up a brief description on how to use Pages (the Apple word processor program) to create stitch diagrams and posted it to this blog as one of the tabs above.  It's hard to be really specific as each version of Pages changes where items are located and sometimes calls them something else but with some experimentation this should help you create basic stitch diagrams on your Mac.

Jan 15, 2018

Renaissance Santa (Renaissance Designs and Patricia Sone)

Mary shows off her delightful Santa pillow, stitched using Patricia Sone's stitch guide.  Your favorite shop can get the canvas from Renaissance Designs.  I think you'll have to contact Patricia directly for the guide.

Jan 13, 2018

Sugar (Annie O'Brien Gonzales and Tony Minieri)

"Sugar" is by Annie O'Brien Gonzales, adapted to needlepoint canvas by Melissa Shirley Designs.  Illene just stitched it using Tony Minieri's stitch guide.

Jan 11, 2018

Christmas Teapot (Melissa Shirley and Mary Susan Muirhead)

Enriched Stitch shows off Mary Susan Muirhead's model of the Christmas Teapot.

Contact the shop for a copy of Mary Susan's guide.  The canvas is available from Melissa Shirley Designs.

Jan 9, 2018

Dragonflies (Charley Harper and 3 Kittens Needle Arts)

3 Kittens Needle Arts just posted this magnificent "Dragonflies" by Charley Harper, stitched by one of their customers using Sara Clapp's stitch guide.

Your favorite shop can order the canvas from The Meredith Collection, which distributes Charley's art on needlepoint canvas, and you can get the guide from 3 Kittens.  Or contact 3 Kittens to pick up everything.

Jan 7, 2018

Stitch Guides for Silk Ribbon Techniques

Normally when we think "stitch guides" we are thinking about a guide for a painted canvas, but I just realized that River Silks has free stitch guides for silk ribbon embroidery on their website, much of which is done on painted canvases.  The guides don't usually have a photo of the finished design but if you browse the Gallery on the website, you can usually find a photo of each completed design.

Jan 3, 2018

Spellcasters—The Happiest Hour (Needlepoint By Sharese and Cynthia Thomas)

Lynn just shared the framed version of her "Spellcasters—The Happiest Hour" on Facebook.  Liz stitched this design using a stitch guide from Cynthia Thomas.

You can buy the canvas direct from Lynn at her Etsy store, Needlepoint By Sharese.

Contact Cynthia to get a copy of her stitch guide.

Jan 1, 2018

The Hare and the Crow (Amanda Clark, Brenda Stofft and Ruth Schmuff)

Amanda Clark's "The Hare and the Crow" is a perfect winter project, especially as stitch guided by the talented Ruth Schmuff of Bedecked and Beadazzled.

If you love this beauty distributed from Brenda Stofft, then follow the link to pick up the canvas, the guide and/or the kit.  If you own this already, I bet Ruth will sell you the guide if you buy the threads, too.  Ask and see if she is willing….