Jan 31, 2018

The Tissue Toppers (Leigh Designs, Pat Miller, Sharon Quick and Carolyn Taggart)

Photo Taken by Osterville Needlepoint

Leigh Design's newest designs are a series of eight Tissue Toppers.  That's right, dimensional canvases that are folded into a cover for your box of tissues.  Colleen at The Needle Works took photos at the TNNA show in Las Vegas of the models on display and some of the unstitched canvases.

Three of the eight designs have stitch guides.  To see the finished models click on the photo of any with a guide.  You'll see the stitched canvas both laying flat and after West Coast Finishing made them up.  It's a different way to use your needlepoint and pretty enough to proudly display your Kleenex for guests.


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