Sep 30, 2016

The Oz Girls (Sandra Vargas and Ruth Schmuff)

Ruth Schmuff has written a stitch guide for the Oz Girls, a canvas by Sandra Vargas that she distributes.  You can pick up and canvas and guide through Ruth's shop, Bedecked and Beaddazzled. It looks like the guide is included with the canvas but threads are extra.

Sep 28, 2016

Beach March (Tapestry Tent and Terry Christopher Costello)

Marget just posted three photographs of her finished "Beach March" --one of the March series by Ashley Dillon-- on Facebook.  She used Terry Christopher Costello's stitch guide. Use the side arrows to see closeups.

You can get the guide directly from Terry and the canvas can be ordered by your favorite shop from Susan Roberts.

Sep 26, 2016

Daniella (Lani and Tony Minieri) UPDATED

Jeanne shows off her latest Lani piece, Daniella from Lani's fairy series, stitched using a Tony Minieri stitch guide.

You can pick up the guide from Tony himself and either shop at Lani's shop or have your local shop order the canvas from her.

UPDATE:  Here is Ellen's version, using Tony's guide.

Sep 24, 2016

Snapdragons (Sandra Gilmore and Laura Perin)

Laura Perin has finished another stitch guide fro a Sandra Gilmore canvas.  This time Laura's worked her magic on "Snapdragons," a still life of flowers and china on a table.

Your favorite shop can order the canvas and stitch guide from Fleur de Paris, which distributes Sandra Gilmore's canvases. Or you can pick up the guide only from Laura herself on her website.

Sep 23, 2016

Girls Rule (Curtis Boehringer and Patricia Sone)

This royal lady is "Girls Rule" from Curtis Boehringer.  The stitched model is by Patricia Sone.  The canvas and guide are available from Fleur de Paris, Curtis' distributor.

UPDATE:  Here's Carole's finished version.

Sep 20, 2016

Snowman Row (Mary Lake-Thompson and Sherry Bray)

Mary Lake-Thompsons' "Snowman Row" is pictured finished on Facebook.  Stitched by Sherry Bray and she has a guide available. Contact Sherry for the guide and Melissa Shirley Designs for the canvas.

Mary Legallet also has a stitch guide for this one.  You can't go wrong whichever guide you choose.

Sep 18, 2016

A New Look at Stitch Guides from Bedecked and Beaddazzled

Ruth Schmuff's online shop had a makeover in July and now you can see all the stitch guides available from Ruth in one place--

It looks as if there aren't any photos of the finished model and it isn't always clear who wrote the guide but you can pick up the canvas and guide alone or add a thread kit to your purchase very easily.  Contact Bedecked and Beaddazzled for further information.  I am not certain if the guide alone is available or if you need to buy the canvas or thread kit to pick up the guide.  Ruth can help you, though.

Sep 17, 2016

Two New Guides by Colleen (Vicki Sawyer and Karen Grant and Colleen Church)

Colleen at Needle Works in Austin has announced kits (including the canvas, her stitch guide and threads) are now available for the Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley "Cardinal Family" and for the Karen Grant "Paisley Pumpkin."  Call the shop for help (second link below).

Sep 16, 2016

Carla Bank's Summer in the Park Triptych (Leigh Designs and Pat Miller)

Pat Miller (the Needleart Nut blog) has been really busy with canvases from Carla Bank's artwork, adapted to needlepoint canvas by Leigh Designs.    The designs are in a series called Summer in the Park.   They are all 10 inches square on 18 count canvas.

Water's Edge, Birch and Two Birches make up the triptych.  Of course you can stitch only one, but Pat decided to do all three in a series to coordinate.  First, she stitched Birch.  It has a wonderful appliqué birch trunk and some lovely flowers.

Then she tackled Water's Edge. It has some amazing flowers also!

Two Birches uses elements from the other designs.  Pat is finalizing the stitch guides for all three of the set right now.  You ought to be able to get her guides by the time this posts to the CH Stitch Guide Blog.

Pat has also stitched "Red Bird" from Carla Bank.  You can see that piece here.  As always, your favorite shop can pick up Pat's guide and the canvas when they order from Leigh Designs or you can contact Pat directly if you only want the guide.

Sep 15, 2016

EyeCandy Stitch Guides

The newest EyeCandy designs from Ada Hayden are out for Destination Dallas 2016 and many come with stitch guides written by Ada herself.  What fun!

Remember, this was published in 2016 so there are more guides available now.  Use the search function at the upper left corner to find what I've seen and listed here.

Sep 9, 2016

Diane Snyder and Louise's Needlepoint Collaborate

Louise's Needlepoint just announced their Quick Kits, a small design with threads and stitch guide by Diane Snyder are available at the shop.

I thought folks who like one stop shopping would like to know about this.  Contact the shop for details.

Dancing Miriams (Bracha Levee and Tony Minieri)

Frani just posted a photo of her fabulous "Dancing Miriams" on Facebook.  The canvas is by Bracha Levee and the stitch guide was created by Tony Minieri.  Your favorite shop can order this canvas for you and you can visit Tony's website to pick up the guide.

Sep 7, 2016

Stitch Guides from Needlepoint.Com (which has a business relationship with A Collection of Designs, Kirk and Bradley and Elizabeth Bradley) now has a stitch guide section on their shop website where you can pick up stitch guides for the ACOD and Kirk and Bradley pieces.  Because the Elizabeth Bradley designs are all kits meant to be done in continental or Victorian cross stitch, they probably won't do guides for these.

It's a fun browse to choose a fun Halloween or Christmas set or to pick up a guide for that fun travel ornament to commemorate a trip you've taken or wish you were taking.

Sep 5, 2016

The Santa Trio (Debbie Mumm and Mary Legallet)

Mary's just finished the stitch guides for a trio of Debbie Mumm Santas.  You can stitch one or the whole set for display.

The canvases are available from Melissa Shirley designs as are the stitch guides.  Just in time to stitch for Christmas!

Sep 3, 2016

BB Needlepoint and Kreinik Collaborate

Sally Baer of BB Needlepoint Designs talks to Kreinik's Dena about her line of medium sized stockings that came out in 2016. here  You can see the video on Kreinik's Facebook page under their July 18, 2016 posting.

The reason this is listed here on the CH Stitch Guides blog is that Sally will have the stitch guide ready for this beauty shortly and she talks in some detail about the stitches and threads used.  Ask your favorite shop to order for you.

Hopefully all the medium stockings from Sally will be on their website soon.

Sep 1, 2016

Whale Snow Dome (Kirk and Bradley and Joan Lohr) just announced a kit for the Kirk and Bradley "Whale Snow Dome" canvas--

The charming stitch guide is from Joan Lohr.  This kit is probably an exclusive from the shop as they have a business relationship with Kirk and Bradley (and A Collection of Designs and Elizabeth Bradley).