Sep 16, 2016

Carla Bank's Summer in the Park Triptych (Leigh Designs and Pat Miller)

Pat Miller (the Needleart Nut blog) has been really busy with canvases from Carla Bank's artwork, adapted to needlepoint canvas by Leigh Designs.    The designs are in a series called Summer in the Park.   They are all 10 inches square on 18 count canvas.

Water's Edge, Birch and Two Birches make up the triptych.  Of course you can stitch only one, but Pat decided to do all three in a series to coordinate.  First, she stitched Birch.  It has a wonderful appliqué birch trunk and some lovely flowers.

Then she tackled Water's Edge. It has some amazing flowers also!

Two Birches uses elements from the other designs.  Pat is finalizing the stitch guides for all three of the set right now.  You ought to be able to get her guides by the time this posts to the CH Stitch Guide Blog.

Pat has also stitched "Red Bird" from Carla Bank.  You can see that piece here.  As always, your favorite shop can pick up Pat's guide and the canvas when they order from Leigh Designs or you can contact Pat directly if you only want the guide.

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