Shops That Will Write Guides

Many shops provide a free stitch guide if you buy a canvas and/or threads from them. Some shops will write a guide for you for any canvas whether you bought it from them or not.  The quality and detail in the guide vary.  I am listing online shops that say they offer this service below.  Read the fine print and talk to the shop first so you know exactly what you are getting.   Some of the shops below charge for the service, some don't if you buy the canvas and/or threads from them.

I will update the list as I find more shops that offer a free guide.  If your shop offers this service and I don't have them listed, please let me know by leaving a Comment below or emailing me at chilly hollowat hot maildotcom.  Thanks!

By the way, I have some free guides posted here, mostly ones I've written.  You can find them in the Stitch-a-Long tabs under the header photo.


Chandail Needlework

Enriched Stitch is offering a different kit in the shop each month, and starting in July 2019, a part of the stitch guide for the design will be offered a no charge on the shop's blog and their Facebook page.

Fancy Stitches writes stitch guides at no charge, although they appreciate it if you buy the threads from them.

Fireside Stitchery offers a free guide with purchase; custom guides are available (presumably these are more elaborate guides for a canvas you own already) - look at the categories here to see if they have written a guide already for the canvas you have in mind

Here is an example of one of Fireside's guides, just so you know what you are getting.

Girls Raised in the South Needleworks has both free and paid guides.

Needlepoint For Fun offers a little downloadable e-booklet called "How to Plan the Stitches on Your Needlepoint Canvas" if you sign up for their weekly e-newsletter.   I haven't seen this—it is a new offer—but I enjoy their newsletter and you will, too, even if their little booklet is just basic information.

The Needle Works--Note that they say a guide may take several weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the design and on how many are queued up.

Needlepoint in Paradise -- A free guide comes with many of their canvases.  (I think the guides are by Gloria, whose last name I don't know.)  Click on Categories under the About Us section on the left to browse.

Needleworks of Homestead, Alabama offers free custom stitch guides with a canvas purchase.  They also have some canvases that come with guides.  There is a link to the slide show of canvases with guides in the second link below.

Quail Run in Scottsdale, AZ offers free guides for canvases purchased through the shop.  Others cost $25/hour.  The turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks.

Family Arts Needlework in Phoenix will also do a free guide for you if you buy an in-stock canvas from the shop and also purchase the threads and other fibers used in the guide.  Barb Starman does these guides for the shop and will also help you with a canvas in your stash.

Ridgewood Needlepoint in New Jersey is happy to pull threads and offer stitch suggestions for canvases.

The Elegant Needle in Baton Rouge, Louisiana will help with stitches for any painted canvas purchased from the shop.

Needlepoint Too will do a stitch guide for $25 if you buy the threads from them.  Buy the canvas and threads and the guide is free.

Bedecked and Beadazzled is not only an online shop, but a canvas distributor and a source of many high quality classes and retreats.  If you are interested in some of their own designs, check to see if a stitch guide is included in the price as many times there is a guide.  The thread kit is optional.

Enriched Stitch is also a shop and distributor and source of online classes and retreats, so also check to see if the canvas you like comes with a guide.

Needle House in Houston does guides.

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