Apr 30, 2015

Suzanne and Jean Smith's Pink Poppy

Suzanne of Hugs and Stitches taught Jean Smith's Pink Poppy at Pocket Full of Stitches in late April.  If you are a fan of Jean's or of floral designs and missed the class, you will be able to pick up the kit including Suzanne's guide after class.  Just talk to PFOS.


Apr 29, 2015

Chandail Guides and Kits

Chandail has updated their website to show off the fully kitted out projects they offer.  These come with the canvas, stitch guide and threads, all ready to go.  Many of the guides are from Cindy Howland and Kathy Kulesza but there are some from Cynthia Thomas and some pieces are uncredited.  There is a wide variety of canvases, ranging from Kirk and Bradley to Melissa Shirley and Brenda Stofft, among others, and several Judaic projects.

UPDATE:  The Eye Candy Bird and Heart ornament is now added to Chandail's kits.  The guide is also from Ada Hayden of Eye Candy.

Apr 25, 2015

Dreaming of a White Christmas (with Betsy B. Originals)

This darling Christmas card box is from Betsy B Originals (distributed by Painted Pony Designs).  It's one of a series of Christmas song canvases.  The stitch guide is from Cynthia Thomas.  Use the right side arrow for another view of this charmer.

The canvas and guide can be ordered from Painted Pony.  Finishing was done by The Needleworks in Homestead, Alabama.

Apr 23, 2015

Pepperberry Snowman with Scarf and Cardinal (Vicky DeAngelis)

Vicky DeAngelis will have a new stitch guide for another Pepperberry snowman ready June 1st after she teaches this at the TNNA show in Columbus.

Apr 22, 2015

Homes for America (Melissa Prince and Patricia Sone)

Melissa Prince's new Homes of America series is coming right along.  Two are finished with stitch guides by Patricia Sone.  You can see photos on Facebook of the snowy cabin and the Southern plantation.

There are eight typical houses in all and as they are five inches square, you can stitch the houses you've lived in as well as the ones you would love to live in and frame them all together or make a nice long pillow.

Apr 21, 2015

Mod Ornaments (Eye Candy and Sandy Arthur)

Sandy Arthur is finishing up her Mod Ornaments mystery cyber class now and getting ready to start another.  She posted a photo of the finished piece for us all to admire.  (Remember, this was a mystery class where no one, not even the teacher, knew how the piece would turn out.)  Sandy will have the stitch guide for this gorgeous Christmas piece ready for sale.  You can order the guide directly from Sandy's website (second link below) or your local shop can order it for you when they order your very own Mod Ornaments piece from Eye Candy Designs.  Mod never looked so good!


Apr 19, 2015

Fancy Stitches Has Guides

Fancy Stitches in Cleburne, Texas has a series of classes each year which are listed on their website.  In exploring the current class schedule I realized they offer kits of threads, stitch guide and canvas for previous classes.  They are still offering Mile High Princess' "Curly Witch with Apples" (stitch guide by Sandy Bailey), Sew Much Funs' "Christmas Friends" (stitch guide by Sandy Bailey), and Shelly Tribbey's "2014 Santa" (stitch guide by Gayle Anderson).  Contact the shop for details if anything here catches your eye.

Apr 17, 2015

Santa with Penguins (Michele Noiset/CBK)

CBK has a stitch guide (written by Joyce Gresh ) available for their charming Santa with Penguins, created by Michele Noiset.  Celebrate Christmas with your penguins by contacting CBK to pick up the canvas and guide.

Apr 15, 2015

Three Snowmen (Sherry Bray at Queen Anne Stitches)

Kimberly just finished stitching a wonderful canvas of three snowmen all bundled up for winter using Sherry Bray's guide and posted a photograph on Facebook.  I'm sorry that I don't know the designer but you can contact the shop using their Facebook page.  (They don't have a website.)

Apr 13, 2015

Speaking of Houses Along the Shoreline....

Speaking of Houses Along the Shoreline, this Maggie canvas has a Tony Minieri stitch guide. Marty just stitched it for the ANG Seminar Auction.  If you need the guide, contact Tony.

Beach Houses (BB Needlepoint)

The Forest Needle in Lake Forest, Illinois is planning a class (and kit with Vicky DeAngelis guide for long distance customers) for this lovely BB Needlepoint Designs piece.  If you need Beach Houses in your life, contact the shop.

Apr 12, 2015

Who Ate All The Hors d'Oeuvres? (Vicky Sawyer) UPDATED AGAIN

The squirrel did--of course!  Anyone with a bird feeder knows what little pigs squirrels are.

Virginia Barney  is working on a stitch guide for this cute Vicky Sawyer canvas, distributed by Melissa Shirley.  I'll update this article once Virginia is finished stitching so you can see the final product.  Use the contact tab to find out how to reach her to pick up a copy of the guide.

UPDATE:  The guide is ready!  This is a really cute piece and looks like it will be a fun stitch.

UPDATE #2:  Virginia Barney has a guide for this cutie as well.

Apr 11, 2015

Santa Chef (Barbara's Needlepoint)

Carolyn Hedge Baird has finished stitching the Chef Santa from Barbara's Needlepoint and a guide is available from Barbara's.  Contact the shop via their Facebook page as they don't have a website.

Apr 10, 2015

Colorful Carrots Grow at Louise's Needlepoint

This cute row of colorful carrots from Needle Deeva has been beautifully stitched by Karen Crissinger of Louise's Needlepoint. The stitch guide is available from the shop.  They don't have a website so contact them via their Facebook page to order.

Apr 9, 2015

Apr 8, 2015

The Dog at the Flower Stall (Ridgewood Needlepoint)

Ridgewood Needlepoint has made their class on the Dog and Flower Stall piece available as a stitch guide.  The designer is uncredited but this canvas is no longer available except as a special order so make sure you snag the canvas and guide while you still can.


Apr 7, 2015

Sue Thanks Stitch Guide Writers

Sue is working a painted canvas using a stitch guide, which prompted her to write about stitch guides and stitch guide writers.  I thought both folks who have used guides and folks who have never even seen one would find this interesting.  I also hope it gives permission to those who are afraid to deviate from their instructions to go ahead and try their ideas.  These are stitch GUIDES after all, not laws.

You are welcome, Sue!

Apr 5, 2015

Berry Peeps

If you've ever visited the tractor supply store in March, you've heard the baby chicks and ducklings peeping to each other as they await purchase and a trip to their new chicken coop.  No one captures the charm of baby chickens the way Vicki Sawyer does.  Check out the photo of Sally Ann Skarke's version of her "Berry Peeps."

The guide will be available from Sally Ann at her store, Chaparral Needlepoint, or your local shop can order it from Melissa Shirley Designs when they order the canvas for you.  Happy Easter!

Apr 4, 2015

From Carrots to Doggie Bones (Hugs and Stitches from Suzanne)

Suzanne Hicks has gone from bunnies to puppies with her latest "littles."  I didn't know Ann Wheat Pace even had little dog bone ornaments but Suzanne has done them up proud and has some wonderful finishing ideas for them, as well as for the Kathy Schenkel Easter carrots she just finished.

Stitching Plans (that's what Suzanne calls her stitch guides so that you won't feel as if you have to follow them to the letter) are available for these cuties and many other things here.

Apr 3, 2015

The Bee Bunny (Mary Lake-Thompson)

Susanne has finished a wonderful Mary Lake-Thompson/Melissa Shirley rabbit using a stitch guide by Patricia Sone.  You can see her finished masterpiece of a rabbit in an apron carrying her bee hive on Facebook.


There's also a guide for this cutie by Carolyn Hedge Baird.  I love choices!

Whichever guide strikes your fancy, check the stitch guide writer contact tab above to find out how to reach Patricia or Carolyn.  Meanwhile, Happy Easter!

Apr 2, 2015

To the Shore with Peter Ashe (Virginia Barney)

Virginia  has completed her guide for Peter Ashe's portrait of the New England beach cottage and it is now available.  You can get the canvas from Julia's Needleworks (Peter's distributor) and the guide by emailing Virginia.  Remember, all stitch guide writer contact information I have is listed in the tab above.

Apr 1, 2015

The Winter White Angel (Melissa Shirley)

Virginia Barney has finalized her guide for Melissa Shirley's Winter White Angel.  You can see the finished piece, the cover of the stitch guide and discover how to add this to your stash on Jinny's blog.