Stitch Guide Writer Contact Information

Folks, this is the most current contact information I have for all the stitch guide writers I know about, listed alphabetically by last name.  If things have changed or if I accidentally left someone off the list, please let me know.  You can email me at chilly hollow at hot mail dot com.  Thanks!

Janet Alter -
Contact Janet through In Stitches Atlanta where she teaches.

Gayle Anthy -
I don't have contact information for Gayle.  If you do, please let me know.  Thank you!

Sandy Arthur

Aggie Aspinwall
Contact Aggie via The Enriched Stitch in Connecticut

Janet Alter -
Contact Janet through In Stitches Atlanta.

Virginia Barney
Email Jinny at or contact her via her Stitch Style blog.

She has has a photo album of her available stitch guides on her Stitch Style Facebook page.

Heather Belcher -
Use her Facebook page to contact Heather.

Brenda Bell -
Try reaching her through Louise's Needlework.

Heide Bontempo -
Reach her at Queen Anne Stitches' Facebook page.

Diana Bosworth -
Contact Diana via The French Knot in Dallas.

Sherry Bray -
Sherry Bray Stitches is her Facebook page.

Also contact Sherry through Queen Anne Stitches' Facebook page.  The shop doesn't have a website.

Jesse Brousard -
I'm still trying to find contact information for Jesse.

Stacey S. Brown -
Contact Stacey through the Nimble Needle in Atlanta.

Amy Bunger -
Email her at or contact her through her shop, Amy's Golden Strand, 3808 Summer Avenue, Memphis, TN 38122, phone 901.458.6109.  Note that the shop is open by appointment only so you might have to leave a message.  You can also look through the huge online catalogue of Amy's stitch guides on her website.

Susan Burris -
Susan does a lot of guides and models for Painted Pony Designs and some guides for Needle Works in Austin, Texas, so I assume you can contact her via the designer or shop.

Connie Glenn Camp -
Use Connie's Facebook page to contact here.  She also might still be reachable via Nashville Needleworks.

Brie Chavez -
Email Brie at or contact her via her blog.

Karen Chrissinger -
Contact Karen via Louise's Needlepoint.

Colleen Church -
Contact Colleen via her shop, The Needle Works, in Austin, TX.

Beverly Churchfield -
Some of Beverly's guides are available for your favorite shop to order from Melissa Shirley Designs. To contact Beverly directly, ask Aristeia Needlepoint for help.

Linda Corirossi -
Primarily a teacher, Linda does stitch guides occasionally, and teaches at The Canvasback and also at Classic Stitch in part of the year. She also has a Facebook page.

Leona Cole -

Christa Collins -
Contact Christa via Needlepoint This in Dallas, TX.

Linda Corirossi -
Reach her via Family Arts Needlework or...

...through North Shore Needleworks.

Terry Christopher Costello -
former owner of 2 the Point who has written hundreds of guides for her customers, contact her through her Facebook personal page until her new website is available or... Terry via her 2 the Point Needlepoint Studio Facebook page.  She is posting her available stitch guides in a photo album there (second link below).

Lee Cox -
Contact Lee via The Flying Needles
at their website or Facebook page.

Holly Crook -
Contact her via Absolutely Needlepoint in Miami; their website lists her available guides

Jennifer Borriello Daquesian -
Contact Jennifer via her Facebook page or through Ridgewood Needlepoint.

Pat Dettmann-
Contact Pat via her Facebook page

Stephanie Dresher-Mandelbaum  -
Contact Stephanie through Ridgewood Needlepoint

Marlene Doak -
Contact Marlene through The Needle Bearer in Wayzata, Minnesota.

Sue Dulle -
Email Sue at or visit her blog (link below).  By the way, Sue also writes stitch guides and creates diagrams for designers and stitch guide creators.

Julie Elder -
Reach her through Family Arts Needlework

Corliss Hudson Englert -
Use her Facebook page or...

...or contact Corliss at The Needle Works in Austin, TX.

Rosanne Fleming -
Contact her through Little Bird Designs

Janet Gebow -
Contact her via her Facebook page.

Rebecca Gehhart (Becki) -
Contact Becki via The Enriched Stitch in Connecticut

or via her Facebook page

Beth Gilbert -
Contact Beth through The Needle Nest in Tennessee

Joyce Schmidt Gresh -
Does many guides for The Collection Design's canvases.  Contact her via her Facebook page.

Brenda Hart -
Email Brenda at

The late Wendy Harwood -
Many of Wendy's guides are available through Aristeia Needlepoint.  I believe her daughter owns the shop now.

Michele Heron -
Contact Michele via her shop, the Bristly Thistle

Suzanne Hicks -
Contact Suzanne via her Hugs and Stitches blog or email her at  The second link is to the list of available guides on her blog.

Patti Filshie Hoffman -
Contact Patti via the Enriched Stitch or her Facebook page.

Alison Hodgkiss -
Contact her at A Stitch in Time in San Marion, CA.

Sheena James -
Email her at or contact her via her blog.

Karen Johnson -
You can reach Karen via M's Canvashouse in Kentucky.

Martha Johnson -
Contact her through Fancy Stitches in Texas.

Linda Juchatz -  
Contact her through Needle House in Houston

Frances Jue -
Contact Frances via her Facebook page.

Robin King -
Email her at or check her blog.  Some of her stitch guides are available through Amy Bunger's shop (second link.)

Toni Kochevar -
Contact Toni via her Facebook page.

Julie Sever Koonce -

Contact her via Keep Me in Stitches in Texas

Kathy Kulesza -
Contact her via Painted Pony Designs which distributes her guides with their canvases

Karen Lea -
Contact Karen via Chaparral Needlepoint in Texas

Mary Legallet -
Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitch has a website and a Facebook page.  Right now most of her available guides are for Melissa Shirley canvases but I expect that will change as she ramps up her work.

Pam Lemire -
Use Pam's Facebook page, or contact Pam via the Needle House in Houston.

Gina Liuzzi -
Contact Gina via her Facebook page.

David McCaskill -
Contact via his Facebook page, Stitches on Wheels

Cindy McKown -
Contact Cindy via her Facebook page.

Melissa MacLeod -
Contact her via her Facebook page which is Melissa Macleod Needlepoint.

Lynn Mason -
Contact Lynn via her Facebook page or Yarn Explosion in Roanoke, Virginia.

June McKnight -

Stephanie Mandelbaum -
Contact Stephanie via Ridgewood Needlepoint.

Judy Meyer - contact her via the Needle House in Houston

Pat Miller -
Contact Pat through her Needleart Nut blog which has a listing of all her available guides or email her directly at   Usually the latest guide she has finished has it's own tab, so check both places to see the listing and the latest. She also writes custom guides.

Tony Minieri -
Tony has a website now.  Contact him via that or through his Facebook page.  Please note finished models done using his guide are posted on his Facebook "Stars" photo album.  Check there to see if the guide you are interested in has been stitched to see if you will like the end result.

Sharon Moerdier-Green -
Contact Sharon via her Facebook page.

Marina Morebeck -
Email her at or contact her through her Facebook page.

Mary Susan Muirhead -
Contact Mary Susan via Enriched Stitch in Connecticut.

Denise M. Park -
Email her at or contact her via her Facebook page.

Paulette Paquette -
Reach her through Family Arts Needlework

Nancy Pardue -
Her Florentine Flag is a classic, available via eBay.

(Nashville Needleworks says they have a copy of the chart.)

Marla Pelz -
Contact her via Lani's Needlepoint.

Laura Perin -
Laura does stitch guides (mostly for Fleur de Paris designs) and charted designs of her own devising. Very talented lady!

Cynthia Pigg -
Contact Cynthia through Fancy Stitches in Texas.

Susan Portra -
Though primarily a teacher, Susan does write stitch guides. The second link below shows the stitch guides mentioned on her website.  You can reach her via her email and phone number 714/231-3816.

Susan Portra can also be reached via her Facebook page.

Sharon Quick -
Email her at or message her through Facebook.  Many of her stitch guides are listed on her Facebook page.

Barbara L. Riley -
Contact Barbara via the Facebook page for Barbara's Needlepoint, where she is the owner.

Jan Rogers -
Contact Jan via Nimble Needle in Atlanta or through her Facebook page.

Cindy Saltzman -
Contact Cindy via her shop, Cindy's Needle Arts in Toronto

Paula Rae Schmidt -
Contact Paula via 3 Kittens Needle Arts.

Carol Skill -
Contact Carol through Hingham Square Needlepoint

Janeann Sleeman -
Try reaching her via Artists Collection.  She also has a Facebook page.

Sandy Slunecka -
Contact Sandy via Barbara's Needlepoint or her Facebook page.  Barbara's doesn't have a website so you will have to use their Facebook page for contact there, too.

Diane Snyder -
Try reaching her via Louise's Needlework.

Patricia Sone -
Contact Patricia via her Facebook page or at her email address which is

Patricia's available stitch guides are listed on her blog.

Angie Stabeble -
Try contacting her through the Nimble Needle in Atlanta or Barbara's Needlepoint, or order her guides from Melissa Shirley Designs.

StitchLaw -
Contact Laurie via her website or Facebook page.

Mary Susan - Contact her via the Enriched Stitch.

Laura Taylor -
Email her at or call 818-716-7130. Note that some of the class instructions are now available as stitch guides.  Ask Laura for more details.

Cynthia Thomas -
Email her at (wholesale only) or write her at
Cynthia Thomas, 408 Native Oak St., Ingram, TX 78025 or check her blog.  Melissa Shirley has a profile page on Cynthia that lists all the official Melissa Shirley designs she's written guides for (second link).

Chris Tirey -
Contact Chris via her Facebook page or through Nimblefingers in Houston.

Sandy Todd -
Contact her via Old Town Needlework

Suzie Vallerie -
Owner of The Enriched Stitch in Connecticut, see her models with guides posted on the shop's page of available guides or on her blog (second link).

John Waddell -

Laurie Walden - StitchLAW,

You may email her at
Phone 713-248-2627
Fax 713-850-9047
Laurie also teaches at Needle House in Houston, TX once a week.

Mary Waldsmith - Owl Stitchery
Contact Mary via her Facebook page which lists all her current stitch guides, or...

...check her website, or...

visit Mary's Owl Stitchery blog.

Jill Wilensky -
Contact Jill via Amy's Golden Strand in Memphis, TN.

Mary Ellen Kearns Winnicki-
Contact Mary Ellen via Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY

Jane Wood (Chillyhollow) -
Email me at or check the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog for a list of my guides.

Kay Wray -
Contact Kay via the Stitch Studio in Richmond, Virginia.

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