Dec 1, 2011

Amy Bunger's Stitch Guide Catalogue

After a lot of work, Amy Bunger's staff has compiled a listing of stitch guides she has created over the years and offer them for sale to anyone who buys the canvas and/or the thread kit from Amy.  The announcement and all the details are in Amy's November 2011 newsletter.

Amy has also finished a new guide for another of the small Labors of Love birds.  This time it's a flamingo.  These small canvases and cheap guides are a great introduction to Amy's guides at a good price.  Amy is now turning her attention to Kirk and Hamilton's small Halloween poison bottles to add to her collection of small canvases with cheap guides.  It's a great way to treat yourself with a bit of Amy at a reasonable price.

Besides all of the above, Robin King's stitch guides have been broken out into a separate page on the Amy Bunger website.  Now fans of Robin's work can go straight there to see if she's worked on that canvas they are lusting after.

Here's the link to Amy's most recent stitch guides.  The bulk of her work will be in the catalogue, however.  Amy's staff will have the newest stitch guides here but older guides will be in the catalogue which you can access from this page.

Note that I have never been able to get the individual sections to open with photos.  That space is always blank.  It's a quirk of my computer setup probably.  I always go straight to the host site to see the catalogue.  If you are having the same problem, go here instead.  You will have to hunt a little to find each section as they are in no particular order, but at least you can see the thumbnail photos so you know that the canvas you have (or want) is the one Amy did a guide for.  The controls are at the top of the page once you open a section.

A few more details about how this will all work are in my earlier article on Amy's catalogue.

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