Jun 30, 2016

Boudoir Slipper (Lani and Pam Miller)

Jill just finished stitching this lovely Lani boudoir slipper using a stitch guide from Pam Miller at The Edwardian Needle.

Contact the shop Wednesday-Saturday to pick up this guide (and maybe the canvas, too) for your stitching pleasure.

Jun 28, 2016

Flying Santa (Debbie Mumm and Stitch By Stitch Larchmont)

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY just posted a photograph of their version of Debbie Mumm's Flying Santa.

Contact the shop for a copy of the guide.  They can also order the canvas from Melissa Shirley for you if you don't have it already.

Jun 26, 2016

Oh What Fun (Barbara's Needlepoint)

Barbara's Needlepoint is creating a stitch guide for this charming Christmas piece, which I think is a design from their in house painters.

The shop does not have a website, so contact them via their Facebook page or call them in South Falls, South Dakota - phone 605.367.9050.

Jun 24, 2016

Summer at the Shore (Ewe and Eye and Suzie Vallerie)

Enriched Stitch's portrait of a house in Nantucket was a retreat class at the shop several years ago.  The canvas is no longer an exclusive to the shop but the stitch guide Suzie wrote is available from them.  You can see two versions of "Summer at the Shore" here and follow the link to purchase the downloadable PDF version of the stitch guide.

The shop can also probably furnish the threads needed and the canvas.  Just ask nicely.

Jun 22, 2016

The Chick Egg (Melissa Shirley Designs and Melissa MacLeod)

Melissa MacLeod just finished stitching this charming chick and roses egg for Easter.  It will be a class at The Wool and The Floss and stitch guides will be available.

Contact the shop for details.

Jun 21, 2016

Breaking News: Tony Minieri Adding Finished Photos to Website UPDATED

After much work, Tony Minieri's adding photos of finished pieces to his website.   Here is the first one.  See the two thumbnails under the main photo?  That is a flag that there is a stitched model image.  Click on the thumbnails to change images.

I suspect most of his guides won't have model photos since Tony has to wait for a student to share a good photo with him and if the student made substantial changes to the stitch guide, Tony won't be able to show that as a good representation of the outcome, but it is a nice touch and much appreciated.

UPDATE: Tony also has a Pinterest page where his students' finished designs are posted.

Jun 20, 2016

Sunflowers in Vase (Needle Deeva and Cynthia Thomas)

Cindy Thomas is going to teach this lovely sunflower still life at TNNA in June 2016.  The guide will be available from the designer, Needle Deeva, after that.

Jun 17, 2016

The San Francisco Santa Nutcracker Roll Up

Marilyn just posted a photograph of her finished San Francisco Santa Nutcracker Roll Up on Facebook.

The canvas and stitch guide are by Needlepoint Inc.  Use the contact information from their website.

Jun 16, 2016

Pumpkin Parade (Melissa Shirley and Amy Bunger) UPDATED

Amy Bunger's version of the Melissa Shirley "Pumpkin Parade" can be viewed on Facebook.

Kathy stitched it.  You can buy the guide from Amy with either the canvas and/or the thread kit. Amy doesn't sell only guides.

UPDATE: Sandy Slunecka also stitched Pumpkin Parade.  Her guide will be available Winter 2017 from Barbara's Needlepoint. Contact Barbara's via their Facebook page as they do not have a website.

UPDATE #2:  Robin King's done a guide for this, too.

UPDATE #3:  Tony Minieri has a guide as well.

UPDATE #4:  Patricia Sone has also done a guide for this charmer.

Jun 14, 2016

Flowers in Black and White Vase (Needle Deeva and June McKnight)

Jodi showed off her finished floral pillow from Needle Deeva on Facebook.  She used a June McKnight stitch guide.  You can get the canvas and guide from Old World Designs (second link below).


Jun 13, 2016

New Stitch Guides from Leigh Designs (Pat Miller, Sharon Quick, Carolyn Taggart and Jane Wood)

Crown Jewels Coasters, Finishing By West Coast Finishing

Leigh Designs has updated their website with three new sets of designs, many of which have stitch guides available.  Click on the photo (NOT the title) to see the stitched model.  They have eight new small Crown Jewels coasters, three of which have guides available now.  These are jewels similar to the various crowns and tiaras released in January.  Sharon Quick did a serene version of the Dutch Broach, Pat Miller stitched a very elegant Queen Mary's Broach, and Carolyn Taggart nailed the Queen Mum's Broach.



Four new Seashore Santas have been added making a full set of eight.   There are guides newly available for five of the set--Seeing Stars Santa (the guide is by me-I love everything about him), Coral Reef Santa (Pat Miller-love the coral), Catch of the Day Santa (Sandy Arthur-love the mermaid's hair), Globe Trotting Santa (Carolyn Taggart-love the shells), and Treasure Island Santa (Sharon Quick-love his pants).


Leigh is now distributing the colorful and happy artwork of Carla Bank on needlepoint canvas.  Pat Miller did an outstanding guide for Red Bird and is working on guides for other canvases in this series.


Jun 11, 2016

Nantucket (Sandra Gilmore and Laura Perin) UPDATED

Laura Perin has been working on Sandra Gilmore's "Nantucket" floral gate for a while now.  In this interesting article she shows off her progress and explains what worked for her in bringing this piece to life.

UPDATE: Nantucket is finished!

Your favorite shop can order Sandra's canvas and Laura's guide from Fleur de Paris, which distributes Sandra Gilmore canvases.  Or if you have the canvas already, you can pick it up from Laura's website.

Jun 10, 2016

Sew Much Fun Canvases and Guides

Sew Much Fun has a whole series of new florals and interior canvases that have stitch guides from Cindy Salzman.  Her sister Randi is the designer behind Sew Much Fun while Cindy runs the shop and stitches many of the canvases.  Have fun browsing. I don't know if Cindy's guides come with the canvases or if they are extra but Cindy can tell you.


Jun 8, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. (Ewe and Eye plus Amy Bunger)

Jill just finished these two Ewe and Eye portraits using Amy Bunger's stitch guides.    (Use the right arrow to see the second.)

The canvases are available for your shop to order from Maggie (Ewe and Eye's distributor), or you can order the guide from Amy.  Note Amy doesn't sell the guide alone; you have to pick it up as part of a package deal of the guide plus canvas and/or thread kit.

Jun 6, 2016

Polar Express (Debbie Mumm, Robin King and Mary Legallet)

Polar Express has been a very popular Debbie Mumm canvas.  Two versions have been posted on Facebook.  Mary Legallet posted her model which is available as a stitch guide from Melissa Shirley Designs.

Donna posted hers on Facebook, too.  It is being worked using a Robin King stitch guide.


The canvas and Mary's guide are available from Melissa Shirley Designs, Debbie's distributor.  Robin King's guide is available from Robin.  Have fun choosing!  (Or why not get both guides and use favorite bits from both?)

Jun 2, 2016

Carol Dupree Nativity (Chris Tirey)

This Carol Dupree Nativity was stitched by Casey using a stitch guide from Chris Tirey of Nimble Fingers in Houston.

Carol Dupree canvases are distributed by Susan Roberts.  I didn't find images on the Susan Roberts website but your favorite shop can order for you.  Here is Diane's finished set.  Her website has expired so I can't find out if Diane used a stitch guide or her own fabulous stitching skills.