Jun 13, 2016

New Stitch Guides from Leigh Designs (Pat Miller, Sharon Quick, Carolyn Taggart and Jane Wood)

Crown Jewels Coasters, Finishing By West Coast Finishing

Leigh Designs has updated their website with three new sets of designs, many of which have stitch guides available.  Click on the photo (NOT the title) to see the stitched model.  They have eight new small Crown Jewels coasters, three of which have guides available now.  These are jewels similar to the various crowns and tiaras released in January.  Sharon Quick did a serene version of the Dutch Broach, Pat Miller stitched a very elegant Queen Mary's Broach, and Carolyn Taggart nailed the Queen Mum's Broach.



Four new Seashore Santas have been added making a full set of eight.   There are guides newly available for five of the set--Seeing Stars Santa (the guide is by me-I love everything about him), Coral Reef Santa (Pat Miller-love the coral), Catch of the Day Santa (Sandy Arthur-love the mermaid's hair), Globe Trotting Santa (Carolyn Taggart-love the shells), and Treasure Island Santa (Sharon Quick-love his pants).


Leigh is now distributing the colorful and happy artwork of Carla Bank on needlepoint canvas.  Pat Miller did an outstanding guide for Red Bird and is working on guides for other canvases in this series.


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