Jun 6, 2016

Polar Express (Debbie Mumm, Robin King and Mary Legallet)

Polar Express has been a very popular Debbie Mumm canvas.  Two versions have been posted on Facebook.  Mary Legallet posted her model which is available as a stitch guide from Melissa Shirley Designs.

Donna posted hers on Facebook, too.  It is being worked using a Robin King stitch guide.


The canvas and Mary's guide are available from Melissa Shirley Designs, Debbie's distributor.  Robin King's guide is available from Robin.  Have fun choosing!  (Or why not get both guides and use favorite bits from both?)


Robin said...

Thanks, Jane! I really appreciate you. Big smiles.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are quite welcome, Robin. It's a charming piece! You did great!