Sep 15, 2012

Linda Lahm Guides from What's the Point?

What's the Point's Linda Lahm has a new series of Sports Santas available from the shop.  There are eight Santas who play golf, go skiing, etc.  They are perfect for the stitcher who loves sports, or who loves someone who loves sports.

They are also offering a fun Eat Your Carrots canvas as a class or with threads and stitch guide for you to do yourself.  I don't know if the teacher wrote the guide.  Sorry.

Sep 10, 2012

Introducing Night Rider

Night Rider, from the Old Crows Series

This is my latest project for Leigh Designs.  It is called "Night Rider" and is from the Old Crows series. All of the Old Crows are on 18 count custom sage green marbled canvas and are 10x10 inches square. (Since my scanner bed is only 9x11, the top and bottom are cut off slightly in the picture above.  Sorry!)  The entire series of Leigh's elegant Halloween set for 2012, just introduced at the Baltimore TNNA Market, is on the Leigh Designs website at this link.

Night Cap from the Old Crows also has a stitch guide by Sandy Arthur of the Shapes of Needlepoint series fame which you can get from Leigh Designs.  Night Rider's guide is available directly from me or can be ordered from Leigh Designs when your shop orders the canvas.

I'm sorry you can't see the beads on the leaves or the metallics in the background, the bird and the witch's ball on the photo above.  They don't photograph well but in person they all a lovely gleam that is dear to the heart of any crow!

My stitch guide is fifteen pages long, including a two page list of the threads and beads needed to stitch this project exactly like I did, nine diagrammed stitches, and includes an essay on light coverage stitching techniques.  The retail price is $25 with wholesale pricing available.  Email me at for more information or if you wish to purchase the Night Rider guide.

Sep 5, 2012

Flowers in a Vase UPDATED AGAIN

A closeup of Robin King's Flowers in a Vase
The line between stitch guide and class instructions continues to blur as Needle Deeva and Robin King collaborate on Flowers in a Vase, which will be a class once Robin finishes stitching the piece and writes up the stitch guide.  Needle Deeva will also sell the guides once the class has run its course.

The photo above is a glimpse of what Robin's been doing with this canvas.  I see beads, turkeywork loops, fancy stitches and a light coverage background!  You can see a thumbnail of the entire canvas (ND 311) at the Needle Deeva website.

But otherwise we are going to have to wait and see what else Robin does with this fun design.

UPDATE:  Bristly Thistle ran into Robin at the TNNA show in Baltimore and took this photograph of the almost finished piece.

UPDATE #2:  Here is the piece, all finished and about ready to go for framing.  Lovely!

Finished and Framed!
Here is the finished and framed model. Wonderful!