Dec 31, 2015

Stumpwork Flower Sampler (Kelly Clark)

Kelly Clark just posted hints about a new design she has created and stitched which she will teach at the TNNA show in January 2016.  Kits will be available at the show if you want to ask your local shop to pick this up for you.

Dec 29, 2015

Smokey the Bear (Devon Nichsolson Designs and Tony Minieri)

Jigme just posted a photo of her Smokey the Bear stand up on Facebook.  This Devon Nicholson canvas, officially licensed by the USDA Forestry Service, was stitched using a Tony Minieri stitch guide.

Only YOU can prevent forest fires!  And thanks to Tony, your design will look good while promoting fire safety.

Dec 27, 2015

Happy Hanukkah Room (Sandra Gilmore and Nimble Needle in Atlanta)

Nimble Needle in Atlanta just posted this finished Sandra Gilmore room on Facebook.  This was stitched by a customer using their stitch guide.  The canvas is available from Fleur de Paris which distributes the Sandra Gilmore Once in a Blue Moon designs but contact the shop (second link below) for the guide.

Dec 23, 2015

Wedding Cats (Funda Scully and Mary Waldsmith)

Mary Waldsmith of Owl Stitchery just announced a new stitch guide for Funda Scully's charming and funny "Wedding Cats."  Your local shop can order the canvas and guide from Funda for you.


Dec 21, 2015

Winter (Melissa Shirley and Carolyn Hedge Baird)

Carolyn Hedge Baird just posted a great photo of her Melissa Shirley "Winter"banner on Facebook.  The guide is available from Carolyn herself or Melissa Shirley designs.

Dec 20, 2015

Santa (Raymond Crawford and Pocket Full of Stitches

Celia just posted a wonderful photo of her finished Raymond Crawford Santa on Facebook. She stitched it using a stitch guide from Pocket Full of Stitches.

If you need this guide, contact the shop for help.

Dec 19, 2015

Who Ate All the Hor d’Oeuvres? (Vicki Sawyer and Ruth Schmuff and now Tony Minieri) UPDATED

The Thanksgiving Weekend Retreat at Bedecked and Beaddazzled (now moved to a new location and renamed the Beehive) is in our rear view mirror but the project is now available as a mail order kit. The canvas is from Melissa Shirley (who licenses Vicky Sawyer's charming animal portraits) and the stitch guide from Ruth Schmuff who will provide all the threads and embellishments as a package.  It's not on the shop website yet so call the shop for all the details if you are interested.

By the way, if you have the canvas already and just want a guide, Virginia Barney has one that's available from Melissa Shirley Designs.

UPDATE: Tony Minieri has a guide for this canvas, too.  Illene posted her finished canvas on Facebook.

Dec 17, 2015

Roof Tops (Emma Williams and Mary Legallet)

Melissa Shirley Designs just announced a new design from Emma Williams called "Roof Tops."  There is a stitch guide as well, written and stitched by the talented Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitch.

I'm not sure this design is out yet but when it is available, your favorite shop can order the guide from Melissa Shirley at the same time they order you the canvas.

Dec 15, 2015

Hat Trick (Sandra Gilmore and Pat Miller)

This charmer of a pumpkin and his witch's hat are from Sandra Gilmore/Blue Moon Designs.  You can pick up the canvas through Sandra's distributor, Fleur de Paris, and get the guide from Pat Miller, the Needleart Nut herself.

Dec 13, 2015

Dec 11, 2015

Vintage Love (Sandra Gilmore and Laura Taylor)

Laura Taylor just proudly posted Barbara's stitching of "Vintage Love" on Facebook.  This is a Sandra Gilmore/Fleur de Paris canvas stitched using Laura's guide.  Contact her to pick up a copy for yourself.

Dec 9, 2015

The Garden House (Melissa Shirley and Jan Ayeroff)

Melissa Shirley Designs just announced a new stitch guide on Facebook for Melissa's Garden House.  The guide was written by Jan Ayeroff of Aristeia Needlepoint in Santa Monica and your local shop can order it from Melissa when they order the canvas.

Dec 7, 2015

Stylin' (Annie Lane and Melissa MacLeod)

This charming Annie Lane canvas called "Stylin" posted on Facebook was stitched by Melissa MacLeod who is offering a stitch guide for it.  Contact Melissa via her Facebook page which is Melissa MacLeod Needlepoint.

Dec 5, 2015

Blog-Stitching The Green Poinsettia Stocking (Machelle Sommerville and Pat Miller) UPDATED LOTS

If traditional Christmas stockings aren't your thing, you will want to watch Pat Miller of the Needleart Nut blog stitch this charming green poinsettia stocking by Machelle Sommerville.

Actually, whatever your stocking style preferences, you'll want to watch Pat work as she has a real knack for picking something easy but unexpected that looks great.  I'll update this article as she posts progress photos, but her stitch guide will be available when she is done from her site or from Fleur de Paris, the distributor of Machelle's designs.  Stitch faster, Pat!

More things have posted since this article originally posted.  Here are the UPDATES:

Done!  It is really pretty, too.

Dec 3, 2015

Witch Dress (Melissa Shirley and Mary Legallett)

Melissa Shirley Designs just posted a new model of their "Witch Dress" on Facebook.  This was stitched by the talented Mary Legallet and the guide is available via Melissa Shirley.  That means your shop can order the canvas and guide from Melissa for you.

Dec 1, 2015

The First Use of "Stitch Guide"?

Recently I stumbled across an article I wrote for Blog about the oldest use of the term "stitch guide" I've found.  It occurred to me it belongs here on the CH Stitch Guides blog, so here is the link.

The first stitch guides I remember hearing about personally were Amy Bunger's for Danji nutcrackers in the late 19980s-early 1990s.  What about you?   Who gets the credit for popularizing the term and making these a part of our every day needlepoint experience?

Nov 27, 2015

Daffodil Basket (Ewe and Eye plus Carolyn Hedge Baird)

Carolyn Hedge Baird showed off Karen's completed "Daffodil Basket" on Facebook.  This seasonal design is from Ewe and Eye and was worked from Carolyn's stitch guide. Contact her to pick up a copy.

Nov 26, 2015

Winter Basket (Melissa Shirley, Carolyn Hedge Baird and Barbara's Needlepoint)

Carolyn Hedge Baird just posted a photograph on Facebook of Melissa Shirley's "Winter Basket" which Carolyn just finished stitching.

Carolyn will teach this at Barbara's Needlepoint in October but a guide is available from her and from Melissa Shirley.  Your shop can order the canvas from Melissa with the guide or if you have it already, talk to Carolyn if you can't make the class next fall.

Nov 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Basket (Melissa Shirley and Carolyn Hedge Baird)

Carolyn Hedge Baird just announced on Facebook that her Thanksgiving Basket stitch guide is ready.

Your local shop can order Carolyn's guide for you when they order the canvas from Melissa Shirley Designs or you can ask Carolyn for the guide if you have this canvas already.

Nov 23, 2015

Jack O 'Lantern (Labors of Love and Tony Minieri)

Elizabeth just finished her magnificent  Jack O'Lantern figure from Labors of Love. It was stitched using a Tony Minieri stitch guide.  Contact Tony via his website if you need a copy of the guide for your elegant pumpkin man!

Nov 21, 2015

Mary Made the Cover!

The Nov.-Dec. 2015 Needlework Retailer
Needlework Retailer is a wholesale only magazine for the shops, alerting them to all the new needlework things.  Guess who made the cover?  Our own stitch guide writer Mary Waldsmith!  You can see a good close up photo of Mary's model of Needle Deeva's gingerbread Christmas House here.

By coincidence, Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY has the canvas, guide and threads on sale as a package deal.  I'm pretty sure the guide included is Mary's but you can always ask before you add this to your list for Santa Claus.

Your local shop can also pick up the canvas and guide for you from Needle Deeva if you prefer to use up your stash of wonderful threads and save a little money.

Congratulations on being our latest Cover Girl, Mary!

Movie Coaster Series (Melissa Prince Designs and Suzie Vallerie of Enriched Stitch) UPDATED AGAIN

Melissa Prince Designs just posted a photo of Suzie's finished Titanic coaster on Facebook.  There's a guide available via Suzie's shop, The Enriched Stitch, and you can order the canvas from Melissa.

UPDATE:  Here's the Cinderella coaster.  Apparently Suzie is stitching the entire series.

UPDATE #2:  Breakfast at Tiffany's

UPDATE #3:  Star Wars, Superman, and Forrest Gump

UPDATE #4:  Here is the model for the Wizard of Oz coaster.  Stitch guide by Suzie Vallerie, like all the others.

UPDATE #5:  Jaws!

If you are a movie fan, here is a listing of all Melissa P's movie coasters to date.  The brand new ones are in the second and third links.

Nov 20, 2015

CBK's Free Stitch Guides

CBK has started to add free stitch guides to their website.  They vary in complexity and layout as they are from quite a few different stitch guide writers.  Click on the cover page for the guide you are interested in and a PDF file will open.

Nov 18, 2015

Winter Tea with Mary Susan, The Enriched Stitch and Mary Lake-Thompson

The Enriched Stitch just posted a photo of Mary Susan's stitching of this lovely Mary Lake--Thompson/Melissa Shirley design called "Winter Tea" on the shop blog.

The stitch guide will be available from the shop shortly.  By the way, they do digital downloads of their guides now.

Nov 17, 2015

The Duchess (Vicki Sawyer and Becki Gebhardt)

Enriched Stitch just announced a new Becki Gebhardt stitch guide--for Vicki Sawyer's "Duchess" fox.  The canvas is distributed by Melissa Shirley and it looks like your local shop can order the guide when they get the canvas from Melissa or you can pick it up in Enriched Stitch's shop if you want the kit, too.

Nov 16, 2015

Snowy Nadia (Vicki Sawyer and Becki Gebhart and Patricia Sone) UPDATED

Becki just posted a photograph of her Vicki Sawyer polar bear on Facebook.    Becki's stitch guide will be available shortly.  The design is distributed by Melissa Shirley, by the way.

UPDATE:  Another view of Becki's Nadia.

Bristly Thistle sells Becki's guide and the Snowy Nadia canvas.

Patricia Sone is also stitching this piece and doing a guide.    Two interpretations, each wonderful, of a great design!  (UPDATE: Patricia's guide is available now.)

Nov 13, 2015

The Hanukkah House (Associated Talents and Ridgewood)

Ridgewood's Hanukkah House (from Associated Talents) is now stitched and assembled into a three-dimensional building.  This is a shop exclusive for now. You can order just the canvas or pick up the stitch guide and thread kit as well from the shop (second link below).

Nov 11, 2015

Soul Singer (Julia and Robin King)

Liz just posted a photograph of her "Soul Singer" (canvas from Julia) on Facebook.

This was stitched using a Robin King stitch guide. Contact Robin if you need this guide for your singer.

Nov 9, 2015

Batcave Boulevard (Leigh Designs and Lori Carter)

This new Halloween house from Leigh Designs is being stitched by Lori Carter of Amy's Golden Strand.   The guide will be available from Amy Bunger's shop shortly (second link below).

Nov 7, 2015

Drink Up Witches! (Mary Tussey and Osterville Needlepoint) UPDATED

Osterville Needlepoint has created a stitch guide for this charming Mary Tussey Halloween piece.  Contact the shop to get a copy with the canvas.

If you already bought this from Mary's Colors1 Etsy shop (link below), ask Osterville Needlepoint if they'll sell you the guide by itself.

UPDATE:  Here is the finished model on Osterville Needlepoint's Facebook page.  Terrific!

Oct 31, 2015

A Profile of the Enriched Stitch's Mary Susan

The Enriched Stitch showcases Mary Susan, who is in charge of finishing at the shop and also writes wonderful stitch guides for them.  Talk to the shop to order any of Mary Susan's guides (or arrange for her special touch with your finishing).

Oct 30, 2015

The Pepperberry Gingerbread House

Vicky has been stitching this Pepperberry gingerbread house so that her stitch guide can be featured in the November/December 2015 Needlepoint Now magazine.  If you subscribe, watch for it to arrive in your mailbox soon.  If you don't, you can probably pick up a single issue at your local needlepoint shop.

Oct 28, 2015

Wild Women: Coco Chanel (Melissa Shirley and Wendy Harwood)

Stephanie posted a photo of her Coco Chanel canvas (from Melissa Shirley's Wild Women series) on Facebook.  This is stitched using a guide by the late Wendy Harwood.

UPDATE:  Here are more views of Vicki's version.  Use the side arrows to see closeups.

Contact Wendy's shop, Aristeia Needlepoint, to claim a copy of the guide for yourself.

UPDATE #2:  Tony Minieri also has a stitch guide for Coco.

Oct 26, 2015

Christmas Flowers (Mindy and Aristeia Needlepoint)

The Flower City Needlers' blog shows off the latest finish by one of their members--Mindy's "Christmas Flowers."  This was stitched using a stitch guide from Aristeia Needlepoint.  Contact the shop (second link below) to pick up a copy of the guide for yourself.

Oct 21, 2015

Cactus Wish (Maggie and Tony Minieri)

Joey posted a photo of her almost finished "Cactus Wish" from Maggie on Facebook.  Only the lizard is missing.  This has been stitched using a Tony Minieri stitch guide which you can get via his website.  The canvas can be ordered for you from any shop.

Oct 19, 2015

The Sea Serpent and The Dragon Fly (Di Hiller and Mary Waldsmith)

Mary Waldsmith just announced two brand new stitch guides are available for these darling canvases from Di Hiller.

Note that the sea serpent is a three part canvas.  As far as I know, Nessie doesn't bite and the dragon fly doesn't sting.  But they have plenty of charm!

Oct 17, 2015

Amy Does Halloween in Public

Amy Bunger is stitching the Witches Glen piece from Leigh Designs' newest Haunted Hill series and posting photos of her progress on Facebook, along with an explanation of what stitches and threads she is using.  It's blog stitching but without a blog!

Fans of Halloween and this series in particular can follow Amy's progress at her shop FB page.  If you haven't seen Leigh's series, here is the link.

Full disclosure:  I named Witches Glen when Leigh was designing the series.

Oct 16, 2015

Update to Laura Taylor's Website

Laura just announced her website has been updated with new guides and classes.  Have fun looking for that perfect project guide or class!

Oct 15, 2015

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont Guides

Just a reminder that Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont, NY lists a series of stitch guides available from the shop on their newly updated website.  They have a fun slide show of the finished models, too!!stitch-guides/jd8yh

Oct 13, 2015

New Guides by Amy

The e-newsletter for Amy's Golden Strand (that's Amy Bunger's shop) says that new stitch guides are on the way and that Amy's stitching section on her website is being updated with the many new guides Amy's written in the last two years.

So if you are looking for something Amy didn't have a while back, don't forget to check again.

Oct 11, 2015

Christmas Ornaments Stocking Cuff (Elizabeth Turner Collection and Pat Miller)

This Christmas ornaments stocking cuff from Elizabeth Turner Collection now has a stitch guide by Pat Miller.  Contact Pat via her blog to add it to your Christmas fun.

Oct 9, 2015

A Cardinal Family Christmas (Vicki Sawyer and Julia Snyder)

Julia Snyder just announced on Facebook that her stitch guide for Vicki Sawyer's "A Cardinal Family Christmas" will be available in January 2016.  The canvas is from Melissa Shirley designs and your shop can order it from Melissa when they order you the canvas.

Oct 7, 2015

Mr. Owl (Debbie Mumm and Mary Legallet)

Melissa Shirley Design just announced a new stitch guide for Debbie Mumm's cute Mr. Owl. It's from the talented mind of Mary Legallet and you can see the stitched model on Facebook.

Your favorite local shop can order the guide and canvas from Melissa Shirley.

Oct 6, 2015

First Frost (Machelle Sommerville and Pat Miller)

The Needleart Nut is going to blog-stitch Machelle Sommerville's "First Frost" which is a leafless tree seen in moonlight.  She's going to do a stitch guide for this, too, so if you don't have the patience to follow along or need additional information, it will be available.  I'll update this article as she stitches, so come back soon.

Oct 5, 2015

Beating Heart (Machelle Sommerville and Pat Miller)

Machelle Sommerville and Pat Miller have teamed up on a series of canvases Machelle has designed and that Pat creating amazing stitch guides for.  The first in the series of three is Beating Heart, the most fun and funky and unusual Valentine you'll ever stitch!

Your local shop can get the canvas and guide from Fleur de Paris (Machelle's distributor) or you can get just the guide straight from Pat herself.

Oct 4, 2015

Sheep, Beautiful Sheep (Brenda Stofft, Colour Complements, and Denise M. Park)

Brenda Stofft's sheep in a floral meadow has been beautifully stitched by Denise M. Park using threads from Colour Complements.  There is now a stitch guide from Denise, too!

Denise has also stitched Brenda's Sheep Pulling Flower Cart and there is a guide for this one as well.

Contact Denise directly at if you are interested in adding these wonderful guides to your collection.

Oct 3, 2015

Vicki Sawyer's "Dogwood Owlet" (Carolyn Hedge Baird)

This charming owl wearing a pink dogwood blossom was stitched by Carolyn Hedge Baird, whose stitch guide will be available from Melissa Shirley Designs who also distributes the Vicki Sawyer artwork on needlepoint canvas.

Oct 2, 2015

New Stitch Guides for Lani Ball Gown/Evening Bag

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta posted photographs of the new stitch guides for two of Lani's ball gown and coordinating evening bag canvases that came out this year.  The guides are by Lani herself.

Oct 1, 2015

The Fall Squashes (Melissa Shirley and Karen of Lousie's Needlepoint) UPDATED

Karen Chrissinger at Lousie's Needlepoint is finalized a stitch guide for this lovely still life of squashes or gourds by Melissa Shirley.

Contact the shop to find out when Karen's guide will be ready.

UPDATE:  Carolyn Hedge Baird has also done a stitch guide for this beauty.  (Blogger won't let me make this link live.  Please copy/paste it in a new window.)

To pick up Carolyn's guide, see the Contact tab for her information.

Sep 30, 2015

You've Got a Friend (Sandra Gilmore and Tony Minieri) UPDATE

Tony Minieri has a stitch guide for this new Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon canvas.

UPDATE:  Patricia Sone has done a guide for this canvas, too.  You can see the model on Facebook. The white haired lady in the other photo is Patricia Sone and the red-head is Deborah Hart-Ladd who is the model for the red-headed little girl.  This piece was created by Fleur de Paris' Sandra Gilmore when Deborah was diagnosed with cancer.

Sep 29, 2015

The Four Seasons and Their Guides (Machelle Sommerville and Suzie Vallerie)

Suzie at the Enriched Stitch finally got around to having her Four Seasons club from last year framed.

These are Machelle Sommerville designs, available from Fleur de Paris.  The guides for each of the four canvases are available from Enriched Stitch.  Nice framing job, by the way!

Sep 28, 2015

Sep 27, 2015

Mrs. Pilgrim (Ann Hansen and Barbara's Needlepoint)

Ann Hanson's Mrs. Pilgrim
Ann Hansen designed Mrs. Pilgrim for the Barbara's Needlepoint Retreat this fall.  This is a companion piece for Mr. Pilgrim from last year's retreat.  Both canvases and the stitch guides will be available from Barbara's Needlepoint.  The shop doesn't have a website so contact them via their Facebook page.

Sep 26, 2015

Haunted Hill (Leigh Designs) UPDATED ONCE MORE

The new Leigh Designs series for Destination Dallas is called Haunted Hill.  Five of the eight designs in this spooky town have stitch guides!  Each is more haunted than the next....

So, which is your favorite?

Carolyn Taggart's Jack 'o Lantern Lane

Pat Miller's Wailing Woods

Sandy Arthur's Phantom Forest

Sharon Quick's Bones Borough

Jane Wood's Purgatory Place

See?  Each more spooky than the last.  LOL

UPDATE:  If Wailing Woods caught your eye, Pat is going to blog about various areas of this piece.  I'll add the links here for you.

UPDATE #2:  Amy and Jill are going to be stitching Witches Glen and posting progress photos on Facebook, probably at the Amy's Golden Strand page.  Join in the free fun and stitch with Amy.

UPDATE #3:  Lori  Carter at Amy's Golden Strand is working on Bat Cave Boulevard.  Guide available from Amy's shop shortly.

UPDATE #4:  The Needlepointer in Everett, Washington has the models from Leigh's series on display with other Halloween-themed pieces.  You can see just how small (6x6 inches) but detailed each is.

Dragonfly (Di Hiller and Mary Waldsmith)

Mary Waldsmith just posted a photo of the new dragon-fly design by Di Hiller that Mary has done a model and stitch guide for.  This GaleVail design is premiering at the Dallas show this weekend.

Sep 25, 2015

Elizabeth Turner Gown (Meredith Willett)

This gorgeous rust colored gown is getting the Meredith Willett treatment.  Meredith owns The Elizabeth Turner Collection so the canvas and guide will be available for your shop to order from ETC soon.

Sep 24, 2015

The Latest from Cynthia Thomas (Brenda Stofft and Rebecca Wood)

Cynthia Thomas just posted three photographs of her latest stitch guide models on Facebook.  Two pumpkins are by Brenda Stofft and the Christmas package is Rebecca Woods, part of a new series from Rebecca.  Contact more information from Cynthia where to pick up these stitch guides.

Sep 23, 2015

Leona Cole Stitch Guides and More

The talented Leona Cole has a new site up where she plans to sell her wonderful stitch guides and canvases, too.  Have fun exploring but don't miss "Stitched Canvases-My Stitches" to see her amazing work.

Sep 21, 2015

The Heart (Kate Dickerson and Jenny Parker Tumblin)

Jenny Parker Tumblin posted a photograph of her charming heart ornament on Facebook.  Kate Dickerson Designs will have her stitch guide available shortly.  Your local shop will be able to order the canvas and guide from Kate Dickerson.

Sep 19, 2015

The Masque (Lani and Robin King)

Robin King is starting a stitch guide for one of Lani's masked ladies, the one called "Pink Mask."  These Venice-inspired Carnivale beauties are complex and interesting and so is Robin, so I can't wait for this one to be finished.

If pink isn't your color, Lani has many other masked ladies, and some of them have guides, too.

Lani also does custom guides for her canvases.

Sep 17, 2015

Three Stylish Flamingos (The Collection and West Coast Finishing)

Winslow just posted a photograph of her flamingos pillow which has just returned from West Coast Finishing.  The canvas is by The Collection and comes with a stitch guide by Joyce Schmidt Gresh.  Your local shop can order this for you.

Sep 16, 2015

Blossoms (Robbyn's Nest and Sandy Arthur)

Robbyn's Nest has announced a new design called "Blossoms," with a stitch guide by the very talented Sandy Arthur.  Use the left arrow to see the unstitched canvas.  This will be available at Destination Dallas in a couple of weeks.

Sep 15, 2015

Santa and the Toys Stocking (Shelly Tribbey and

Jane just finished her wonderful Shelly Tribbey Santa and the toys stocking using Pat Dettmann's stitch guide.  Here is the photo she posted on Facebook.

If you need this guide for your Santa and the toys stocking, contact Pat via her Facebook page.

Sep 13, 2015

Santa On The Way (Susan Roberts and Carolyn Hedge Baird)

Cheryl just finished her Susan Roberts stocking using a stitch guide by Carolyn Hedge Baird.  Carolyn proudly showed the finished piece off on Facebook.  Contact Carolyn if you want to fly above the rooftops with Santa and his reindeer, too.

Sep 11, 2015

Lambie Pie (Vicki Sawyer and Toni Kochevar)

Toni Kochevar just posted two photographs of her version of Vicki Sawyer's "Lambie Pie" on Facebook.  Toni's stitch guide will be ready shortly.  Contact her via her Facebook page to arrange to take this guide home.

Sep 9, 2015

Sep 8, 2015

Marcy's Closet (Julia and Tony Minieri)

Lori posted a photograph on Facebook of her Marcy closet stitched using Tony Minieri's stitch guide. The canvas itself is called "Woman's Closet II" and is distributed by Julia's Needlework.

You can get the guide from Tony's website.

Sep 7, 2015

Stitch Diagram Software for the Mac (and PC)

Alert!  The replacement for CanvasX is finally available for those who use Macs.  It is now called Canvas Draw, and is on sale until September 15, 2015. (There is also a trial version to test.)  Like Adobe's Illustrator, there is a steep learning curve for this graphics software program but it appears to be very versatile.  Canvas X was used by a great many people in the needlepoint world until it was dropped.  (The current PC version of Canvas X is Canvas 16 but Canvas 15 is also still available.)

While reading the discussion about it on NP Nation, I discovered that Ursa Software also has a stitch diagramming program called StitchGraph that works on both Macs and PCs.

If you are looking for software to create diagrams and charts, Linda K. Reinmuller has a list of programs that might work for you on her blog.  It's at the bottom of the page, under "Blog Archive."  Thanks, Linda!

Sep 5, 2015

Four New Melissa Shirley Stitch Guides

Melissa Shirley Designs has proudly announced four new stitch guides are available for canvases from MSD.  Two are from Mary Legallet, one from Cynthia Thomas and one from Carolyn Hedge Baird.

Mary's guides are for Marty Lake-Thompson's "Crab Cakes" and Melissa's "Wicked Witch."  Carolyn has written a guide for the Melissa "Easter Basket" which you can get a good look at here,

...and Cynthia Thomas has written a guide for Vicki Sawyer's "Frida Peep."  No photo of that yet.

Sep 3, 2015

A Quick Look at a Susan Portra Guide

Linda at Split the Needles is working Shelly Tribbey's Gingerbread Manor using a Susan Portra stitch guide.  I thought you'd like to see how Susan lays out the 98 separate areas in her guide so that it's easy to see where you need to work next on this very complicated piece.

I don't know where Linda got her stitch guide and canvas but Enriched Stitch probably can help you out if this canvas starts whispering "buy me" to you.

Needlenook of La Jolla has Susan's guide in stock.

You may also may be able to get the guide from Susan herself.  Check out the Featured Canvas section of her website to see more about how she approaches a complex canvas.

Sep 1, 2015

Summer Songbird (Melissa Shirley and Laura Taylor)

Aristeia proudly posted a photograph of Melissa Shirley's A Summer Songbird on Facebook.  This was stitched by a customer using Laura Taylor's stitch guide.  Contact the shop or Laura herself to pick up a copy for yourself.

Aug 30, 2015

Amy and The Witch Ethelfrith

Jeanne just posted a wonderful photograph on Facebook of one of Melissa Shirley's Fairytale Witches.  This is Ethelfrith, stitched using an Amy Bunger stitch guide.  You can pick up the guide from Amy's shop in Memphis, Amy's Golden Strand.

Here are all the Fairytale witches.

Aug 28, 2015

Enriched Stitch Turns Red, White and Blue

Enriched Stitch has two more wonderful patriotic-themed canvases ready to sell as kits complete with stitch guides.  "Welcome" is the red, white and blue flip flops stitched by Aggie Aspinwall and The Shaker Basket (Ewe and Eye?) was stitched beautifully by Becki Gebhart.

If you need something to stitch for next July 4th or just to celebrate the upcoming elections, give The Enriched Stitch a call.

Aug 27, 2015

Citrons (Melissa Shirley and Patricia Sone) UPDATED

Patricia Sone is busy stitching Melissa Shirley's "Citrons" for a class at Chandail this October.

She's posted a progress report on Facebook and folks are raving about how it is developing.  Check with the shop if you want to take the class as a ghost (you won't be present but will have the canvas, threads and guide mailed to you once class is over).

Patricia will have the guide available once class is over, too.  Melissa Shirley just posted on Facebook that the guide is available for your shop to order from her.

UPDATE:  Melissa Shirley Designs just posted a photograph of Beverly Churchfield's version of Citrons on Facebook with the information that the thread kit and stitch guide may be purchased through Aristeia Needlepoint in Santa Monica, California.

Aug 26, 2015

Free Stitch Guides from Kreinik

While doing something else, I realized that Kreinik's website has some wonderful free stitch guides for canvases from Gone Stitching, Maggie and Princess and Me, plus Associated Talents, SharonG, Lee's Needle Art, Denise DeRusha, Fancy Carole, and Catherine Reurs.  It's a fun place to explore, especially if you might have one of these canvases hidden away in your crafts room.

Don't forget all the charts available!  Many of them are designed for silk gauze but they will work well on Congress cloth or even larger ground fabrics.

Aug 24, 2015

Sherry Bray at Halloween and the Beach

Sherry Bray's been busy!  She just posted photographs of two newly finished models she stitched and will have guides for shortly.  (Contact Sherry using the contact information listed above.)  This Halloween charmer is from Scott Church Creative of CBK Designs.

This is Melissa Shirley's "Fish Houses."  Both are lovely with Sherry's special touch.

Aug 22, 2015

Neighbors (Ewe and Eye with Robin King)

Kathleen just posted a photograph of her newly finished "Neighbors" from Ewe and Eye, stitched mostly using a Robin King design.  If you are a fan, contact Robin about picking up a guide for this.

Aug 18, 2015

The Texas Counties Sampler (Fancy Stitches)

Texas stitchers and those who love Texas will be thrilled to hear that Fancy Stitches has a stitch guide for their Texas Counties map.  You can see the finished piece on Facebook--

You can order the guide from Fancy Stitches and see two more smaller versions on their home page.

Aug 16, 2015

Night Birds (Chris Roberts-Antieau and Pat Miller)

If you are a fan of Chris Roberts-Antieau's work or of birds in general, you'll want to check out this lovely design, available from Art Needlepoint.  Pat Miller's guide is now ready for purchase!

Aug 14, 2015

For the Beach and Flamingo Lovers (Leigh and Pat Miller)

Pat Miller has just finished the stitch guide for Leigh Designs' Palmetto, a gorgeous bird wading on the shoreline.  Pat used a lot of overdyes to convey the water and distant mountains, and has a lot of wonderful ideas for stitching the bird herself.

So did this out of your stash and start creating your own beach paradise.

Aug 12, 2015

Wild Women: Wicked Witch of the West (Melissa Shirley and Mary Legallet)

Mary Legallet has announced a new stitch guide of hers is now available from Melissa Shirley Designs.  It's the Wicked Witch of the West from Melissa's Wild Women series.

You can get a better look at the unstitched canvas on Melissa's website.  What fun!

Aug 10, 2015

Capering for the Mews (Charley Harper, Lizette Thomas, and Robin King)

Lizette's "Christmas Capers"

Lizette has enlisted the help of Robin King to turn her vision of this charming Charley Harper canvas into a stitch guide, plus a portion of the sales of their guide will go to helping out Robin's local animal shelter.  Even if "Christmas Capers" isn't in your stash or on your wish list, perhaps you'd like to buy a copy just to help the shelter and learn how Lizette did that amazing popcorn stitch?

Aug 7, 2015

Flowers and Brocade (Patti Filshie Hoffman and Alice Peterson)

Patti has just finished stitching this floral and brocade piece from Alice Peterson and a stitch guide will be available shortly.  I think you are supposed to contact Enriched Stitch to get a copy of the guide, although Patti doesn't say.

Aug 6, 2015

173 Stitch Guides (Needle Works)

I was over visiting The Needle Work's website this morning and noticed that they have 173 stitch guides for canvases available.  Some of the guides are included with the canvas listed and some cost extra, but it's still a huge selection to browse.  Something for everyone!

Aug 4, 2015

Beach Roses (Cooper Oaks)

Enriched Stitch just announced a stitch guide for this tiny basket of roses sitting on a dune. Suzie visualizes it at a beach wedding ring bearer pillow but it would make an equally charming ornament to hang on your bulletin board at work to give you inspiration through the long work week before you can escape to the beach again.

Aug 2, 2015

A Bird's Eye View of the Swamp (Eleanor Grosch and Gale Washington)

I spotted this bird's eye view of turtles and an alligator last January on a shop blog but it never appeared on Ruth Schmuff's online shop.  I wondered what happened to it because I thought it was fabulous!  Now I know where it was--it was with Gale Washington who has done a magnificent job stitching it.   Every detail is perfect.

You can pick up the canvas with Gale's guide included via the Bedecked and Beaddazzled website.

Jul 31, 2015

Carolyn's Easter Basket (Melissa Shirley Designs)

Carolyn Hedge Baird is nearly finished stitching the Easter Basket from Melissa Shirley Designs.  She says the guide will be available in about two weeks.   Use the Stitch Guide Writer contact tab to reach Carolyn to pick this up for yourself, or get your shop to order it from Melissa when they pick up the canvas for you.

Jul 29, 2015

Debbie Mumm's Nativity Set (Rhea)

Rhea has stitch guides available for her Debbie Mumm Nativity set.  Contact her via Pocket Full of Stitches.

You can find larger photos of the unstitched set on the Melissa Shirley Designs website.  MSD distributes Debbie Mumm needlepoint.

Jul 27, 2015

Santa's Got a Cute Beard (and Background)

This charming Renaissance Designs Santa was stitched by Mary W. who posted a photograph on Facebook.  Stitch guide from Patricia Sone.  Contact Patricia to get yourself a copy of her stitch guide.

Jul 25, 2015

Birdie (Charley Harper and Robin King)

Cheryl just posted a photo of her finished Charley Harper "Birdie" stitched using a Robin King stitch guide. Golfer alert!

Barbara's Christmas Jingle (Barbara's Needlepoint)

Created by Cindy at Barbara's Needlepoint and with a guide from Barbara Riley herself, you can see this beauty posted on the Flying Needle's Facebook page.  It was stitched by several of their customers.

Jul 23, 2015

A New Portrait of Frida (Vicki Sawyer and Cynthia Thomas)

Cynthia Thomas is going to teach a class on this brand new Vicki Sawyer piece called "Frida Peep" at the Destination Dallas show in September 2015.  The canvas and Cynthia's stitch guide can be ordered from Melissa Shirley Designs by your local shop then.

Jul 20, 2015

An Antidote to the Heat (Melissa Shirley and Patricia Sone) UPDATED

Patricia Sone is working on Melissa Shirley's Winter White Santa.  The stitch guide should be available shortly once she finishes.

UPDATE:  If you like the traditional reds and greens for Christmas Santas, I just realized Patricia has stitched a more traditional double-sided Melissa Shirley Santa, too.  Use the right arrow to see the photo of the back side.

Jul 17, 2015

Be Merry (with Amy Bruecken and Julia Snyder)

Ruth Schmuff at Bedecked and Beaddazzled just announced that the Be Merry class from last Thanksgiving is now available as a kit with stitch guide by Julia Snyder.  The design itself is by Amy Bruecken.  Santa, penguin, snowman--what more could you want for Christmas?!

Jul 15, 2015

Jul 13, 2015

Robin King Update for 2015

Robin has updated her blog by listing the fifty-eight* new stitch guides she's created for 2015.  The ones marked "coming soon" were done for classes and once the class is over, the guide will be generally available.  Keep checking back to see if Robin can keep up this pace!

*Yes, you read that right--Five Eight.  I've done two stitch guides this year with three more underway.  Robin is AMAZING.

Jul 11, 2015

Wicked Good (Tony Minieri and Share One's Ideas)

Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont shows off a customer's Halloween piece stitched using a Tony Minieri guide. Canvas by Share One's Ideas and guide available via Tony's website.

Jul 10, 2015

Needle House Loves Pirates

Judy Meyer of The Needle House in Houston has created a stitch guide for this darling pirate and treasure chest tooth fairy pillow.  Sorry, I don't know the designer of this charmer.

Contact the shop to get the guide and canvas.  The shop will work a custom guide for any canvas, by the way.

Jul 8, 2015

The Long Horn Steer (Vicki Sawyer and More) UPDATED

If you are a fan of cows and the designs Melissa Shirley does from Vicki Sawyer's art, you'll want to see this work-in-progress of the steer that Needle Bug posted on Facebook.  The guide is by Julia Snyder.

Contact the Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama to get the guide and the canvas.

UPDATE:  Lisa Kessler of BeStitched in Arizona also has a guide for this canvas.

Jul 7, 2015

Cats in the Bathoom (Mariko King and Brie Chavez)

Brie has finished her Mariko King piece of the cats in the bathroom.  (This is distributed by Amanda Lawford, by the way, and there are several animals in the bathroom pieces.)  It's so typical of what cats get up to, isn't it?  LOL

Contact Brie if you need the guide for your version of this hilarious piece.  Her contact info is in the link above and I've added her to the stitch guide writers contact list, too.

Jul 6, 2015

A Cardinal Family (Vicki Sawyer and Virginia Barney)

Ginny has finished Vicki Sawyer's "Cardinal Family" as a present for her parents.  I hope they love it as much as I do!

If you want to stitch this Melissa Shirley distributed piece and need the guide, use the contact tab to get in touch with Virginia Barney to pick up a copy for yourself or ask your shop to order the guide from Melissa Shirley Designs when they order you the canvas.

Jul 4, 2015

God Bless America (Rebecca Wood and Terry Christopher Costillo)

Brenda posted a photograph on Facebook of her finished and framed God Bless America house by Rebecca Wood Designs.  Brenda stitched it using a stitch guide from Terry Christopher Costillo.  Terry's contact information is on the listing tab above if you want to stitch this, too.

Jul 3, 2015

The 4th of July March (Ashley Dillion and Connie Glenn Camp)

Susan just posted a photo of her finished 4th of July March piece on Facebook.  It is a canvas by Ashley Dillon/Susan Roberts, stitched using a Connie Glen Camp stitch guide.  Happy Birthday, America!

Jun 27, 2015

Hungry? (Buffet by Raymond Crawford and 3 Kittens)

This lovely display of items for the grill is by Raymond Crawford, using a stitch guide provided by 3 Kittens Needle Arts.   Jill stitched it and posted a photograph on Facebook.  Thanks!

Jun 24, 2015

Santa and the Snowman (Curtis Boehringer) UPDATED

Fleur de Paris is working with Sandy Arthur on a stitch guide for their "Santa and Snowman" piece from Curtis Boehringer.  Sandy is a speed demon stitcher so I expect this will be available in a month or two, just in time to get stitched for next Winter.

UPDATE:  Mountain Shadow Studio finished this as a spectacular stand up.

Jun 22, 2015

Christmas Moose by Maggie (and Tony and Harriet)

Harriet has just finished this Maggie canvas using a Tony Minieri embellishment class guide.  It's wonderful!  You can pick up the guide via Tony Mineiri's website or through Edwardian Needle, which is his home shop.

Thanks for posting a photo on Facebook, Harriet!

Jun 21, 2015

Ridgewood Needlepoint's Stitch Guides UPDATED

Ridgewood has updated their website to list the pieces for which they have shop stitch guides.  Many of these designs were clubs from past years.  There's everything from the Rockefeller Center stocking guide to chocolate bunny guides, from their seasonal doors to the paper doll dresses, all with pictures of the models so you can get an idea of the finish product if you follow the guide to the letter.   It's a great resource if you are looking for something a little different.

Ridgewood also has their Coat Ladies guide (written by Adrienne) still available.

UPDATE:  Ridgewood shows off "Five Little Black Dresses" from Pippin (this was a shop class taught by Stephanie), and "Hen in a Basket" (designer unknown but Gretchen taught the class).  Guides and the canvases are available from the shop.

Jun 20, 2015

Chocolate Bunnies UPDATED

Ridgewood Needlepoint in New Jersey still has a series of chocolate rabbits (in regular and white chocolate colors) with a stitch guide from Gretchen left over from a class.  You can see the unstitched and the finished canvases on their blog.  These look like a lot of customizable fun to stitch this summer and fall for Easter display in 2016.

UPDATE:  More photos of finished bunnies, plus a matching needle magnet!

Jun 18, 2015

At the Beach with Lynda (And Sandra Gilmore)

Lynda Hauss Rowland, who teaches at Queen Anne Stitches, just finished this lovely model of a Sandra Gilmore beach scene.  The guide will be available through Fleur de Paris (Sandra's distributor) before too long.  Congratulations, Lynda, on a job well done.

Jun 17, 2015

Three Halloween Drinks (A. Bradley and M. Waldsmith)

Mary Waldsmith has been busy stitching A. Bradley's three Halloween drinks canvases that premiered at the Columbus trade show.  They have the cutest names:  The Eye Ball, The Ghostini, and the Witches Brew.  You can see them on Mary's blog.

 Contact Mary for more information on picking up the guides.

Jun 16, 2015

Laugh (Maggie and June McKnight)

June McKnight did the stitch guide for Maggie's "Laugh"  (three funky chickens laughing) posted on Facebook by Cammie.

Contact June via her website.

Jun 15, 2015

Sherry Bray Update

Melissa Shirley just announced the newest stitch guide in her collection--Sherry Bray's interpretation of John Johanssen's "Watermelon."

Use the side arrows to see the model and two more pieces (one a Debbie Mumm called "Apple Cart Farm" and the other a Mary Lake-Thompson called "Farm House") that were stitched using Sherry's guides.

Sherry has just finished stitching this folk art winter scene from Ewe and Eye as well. It will be a class at Queen Anne Stitches in August.  The stitch guide should be ready soon after.

The guides for canvases Melissa Shirley distributes or creates are available from her.  Ask Sherry (see the contact information tab for information how to reach her) about how to get the Ewe and Eye guide.

Jun 13, 2015

The Victorian Carolers Set (Kathy Schenkel)

Wellesley Needlepoint has announced a new Kathy Schenkel set exclusive to the shop for now.  It is called Victorian Carolers and each piece of the set has a stitch guide (stitch guide writer unknown).

Jun 11, 2015

Friends of Our Family (Charley Harper)

This large Charley Harper canvas of dogs, cats, and birds now has a stitch guide written by the talented duo of Ruth Schmuff and Julia Snyder.  You can see all the threads that are called for displayed next to the canvas on Ruth's blog.

The guide is $85 and is available from Ruth's shop, as is the canvas itself.

Jun 10, 2015

Cynthia's Been Busy (Betsy B. Originals and Scott Church)

Cynthia Thomas has posted photos of two models she did on Facebook.  Each has a stitch guide by her.   Click on the link and you'll see Scott Church/CBK's parent and child polar bears and the pretty White Christmas piece (Betsy B. Originals/Painted Pony Designs).  Use the side arrows to navigate.

Jun 9, 2015

The Dog Fetches the Christmas Tree (Cheryl and Melissa MacLeod)

Melissa MacLeod have finished her stitch guide for Cheryl's golden retriever in the Christmas truck piece.  A photograph is posted on Facebook.  Contact Melissa via her Melissa MacLeod Needlepoint FB page.

Jun 8, 2015

Associated Talents' Halloween Mice

Nimble Needle in Atlanta posted a photo on Facebook of five new Halloween patterned mice silhouette from Associated Talents that have stitch guides.  Thank you!

Jun 7, 2015

Four Small Ann Wheat Pace Florals

Threads LLC in Charlottesville, Virginia is doing classes on a series of small Ann Wheat Pace florals.   You can see the third in the series here.  Once class is over, stitch guides and kits will be available for a series that emphasizes flowers and fun new threads.  I'm sorry that I couldn't find any more photos of the series, but based on how nicely this one turned out, I think folks will be interested.

Jun 6, 2015

Stitch Guide Saturday

Enriched is going to do a Stitch Guide Saturday the first Saturday of every month (except July when the Fourth holiday interferes).  Here is how it works. I think it's a great idea!

The Whimsical Stitch

Mary Legallet's new Whimsical Stitch website and Facebook page have gone live!

When you are exploring, don't miss Mary's blog.  Her first read posting is about brick stitch beading.

Mary's name may not ring a bell but I bet you have seen her fabulous models for Melissa Shirley Designs.  Right now her guides are only available for your shop to order from Melissa Shirley but eventually you will be able to order directly from Whimsical Stitch.

Congratulations on going online, Mary!  We are looking forward to your next fabulous stitch guide.

Bee Kind Bee Skep (Debbie Mumm and Linda Corirossi)

Linda has just finished Debbie Mumm's/Melissa Shirley's Bee Kind bee skep and is starting to write up the stitch guide.  Any shop can order this from Melissa along with the canvas once Linda is finished.

Jun 5, 2015

Kirk and Bradley Snow Dome Santa and Gingerbread House (Joan Lohr) (which has a business relationship with Kirk and Bradley) shows off the Kirk and Bradley snow dome pieces with Joan Lohr's stitch guide.  The shop sells these as a kit with the threads and guide included.  One has Santa and the other has a gingerbread house.

Jun 4, 2015

The Gold Diggers (Leigh Designs)

Leigh Designs' newest series of eight canvases feature the Gold Diggers.  Each sports the typical hunting outfit for their native locale.  Scottsdale has squash blossom jewelry, Houston has amazing custom cowboy boots, Nashville has big hair and long fingernails, etc.

Leigh describes them this way-

"These flashy arm-pieces draw attention and raise eyebrows as they sashay into view, always in pursuit of a ‘little security’. Meet the 'Gold Diggers'! Each of these 8 lovely ‘hussies’ is outrageously hand painted on 18 mesh Blush Pink canvas at 8 x 16."

They were introduced at the Summer 2015 market last weekend with four guides already available.  Sharon Quick stitched Scottsdale, Pat Miller worked on Las Vegas, Carolyn Taggart embellished Houston, and Sandy Arthur created Hollywood.  I'm going to stitch Miami and hopefully that guide will be ready by the September show at Destination Dallas.

By the way, Pat's posted photographs of Las Vegas Gold Digger here...

and here.  Isn't she great?!  I love the feathery boa.

To see more photographs of the finished models, click on the pictures of the ones with guides at the Leigh Designs website above.  You'll get an eyeful of hair, legs, fashion and of course, expensive baubles and bangles.

While you ponder which Gold Digger should come to live with you, learn to spot them in the wild.  Beware!

Jun 3, 2015

Snow Ladies (Artists Collection and Sherry Bray)

Jill just posted a photograph of her "Snow Ladies" on Facebook. This cute trio of snowmen is from Artists Collection and stitched using Sherry Bray's guide.  Sherry's contact information is in the Stitch Guide Writer Contact Information tab.

Jun 2, 2015

Free Seaside Cracker Guides (Palma Seljan) UPDATED

Palma Seljan has posted a free stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's "Seaside Cracker: Sailboat" online.  Here's the link--

This is what the unstitched canvas looks like. Thanks, Palma!

And here are the bugle beads Palma choose for her border.

Plus she has posted a free stitch guide for the mermaid in the set.  You can see the thumbnail in the link to Melissa Shirley's website above.  Just click on it for a good look at the original unstitched design.

UPDATE:  Folks can't get the links to open this morning, so I managed to get the files downloaded from the needlepoint group on Facebook where Palma also posted them and turned them into PDF files.  I can't post them here to download (Blogger doesn't have that feature) but if you email me at chilly hollowat hot maildotcom I will reply with them as attachments for you.  Sorry about this!  But PDF files should be viewable by everyone no matter what flavor of software or type of computer they use.

Jun 1, 2015

Tom Turkey (Raymond Crawford and Melissa MacLeod)

Melissa MacLeod just posted three photographs of her Raymond Crawford turkey on Facebook.  Use the side arrows to see them all.  You can pick up the stitch guide and the canvas at The Wool and the Floss (second link below) in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

May 30, 2015

Spring House (TS Designs and Sharon Quick)

Sharon Quick has finished her Spring House from TS Designs/The Collection.  She's posted a photograph of the finished and framed piece on Facebook and will write a guide for this if enough folks are interested.  Contact her via Facebook if you fall in love.

May 29, 2015

The Duchess (Vicki Sawyer, Melissa Shirley and Becki Gebhart)

Becki has finished the stitch guide for her version of Vicki Sawyer's The Duchess fox.  The guide is available from Melissa Shirley when your shop orders the canvas for you.

May 28, 2015

Shell Table (Melissa Shirley Designs and Mary Legallet)

Mary Legallet writes she is finishing up a stitch guide for this beautiful Melissa Shirley table floral.  "Shell Table" will be available at the TNNA show in very late May, 2015. Your local shop can get the guide from Melissa when they order the canvas from her.