Jun 15, 2015

Sherry Bray Update

Melissa Shirley just announced the newest stitch guide in her collection--Sherry Bray's interpretation of John Johanssen's "Watermelon."

Use the side arrows to see the model and two more pieces (one a Debbie Mumm called "Apple Cart Farm" and the other a Mary Lake-Thompson called "Farm House") that were stitched using Sherry's guides.

Sherry has just finished stitching this folk art winter scene from Ewe and Eye as well. It will be a class at Queen Anne Stitches in August.  The stitch guide should be ready soon after.

The guides for canvases Melissa Shirley distributes or creates are available from her.  Ask Sherry (see the contact information tab for information how to reach her) about how to get the Ewe and Eye guide.

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