Jun 4, 2015

The Gold Diggers (Leigh Designs)

Leigh Designs' newest series of eight canvases feature the Gold Diggers.  Each sports the typical hunting outfit for their native locale.  Scottsdale has squash blossom jewelry, Houston has amazing custom cowboy boots, Nashville has big hair and long fingernails, etc.

Leigh describes them this way-

"These flashy arm-pieces draw attention and raise eyebrows as they sashay into view, always in pursuit of a ‘little security’. Meet the 'Gold Diggers'! Each of these 8 lovely ‘hussies’ is outrageously hand painted on 18 mesh Blush Pink canvas at 8 x 16."

They were introduced at the Summer 2015 market last weekend with four guides already available.  Sharon Quick stitched Scottsdale, Pat Miller worked on Las Vegas, Carolyn Taggart embellished Houston, and Sandy Arthur created Hollywood.  I'm going to stitch Miami and hopefully that guide will be ready by the September show at Destination Dallas.

By the way, Pat's posted photographs of Las Vegas Gold Digger here...

and here.  Isn't she great?!  I love the feathery boa.

To see more photographs of the finished models, click on the pictures of the ones with guides at the Leigh Designs website above.  You'll get an eyeful of hair, legs, fashion and of course, expensive baubles and bangles.

While you ponder which Gold Digger should come to live with you, learn to spot them in the wild.  Beware!

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