Jun 24, 2013

Inspired by Grant Leier

Leigh Designs' Trinidad (small)
My latest model and stitch guide for Leigh Designs was a departure from my normal style of stitching.  Last winter --models are stitched way ahead of a trade show because they have to go to the finisher well in advance of the trade show date-- Leigh asked me to stitch one of the small versions of her Caribe' series that came out in April in the larger size at the Destination Dallas show.  The smaller "coaster" sizes are now available, too.

This enables folks who love the big designs but who are short of time to pick up a smaller version to stitch when they have free time.  We all love those quick smaller projects as they are so very satisfying.

I choose to work on the tiny version of Trinidad.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was perfect for trying something new.   I wanted to recreate one of Grant Leier's paintings on needlepoint canvas.  Can you guess which painting I took for inspiration?

Tiny Trinidad Stitched
The stitch guide for my "Leier-inspired" Trinidad uses the new Swarovski flat backed sew on crystal sequins, Swarovski bicones, beads and metallic threads on tulle.   In person the sparkle is amazing if I do say so myself.  The guide itself is five pages long, plus a cover page, materials list and large colored photo of my finished stitching.   This technique can be used successfully on any needlepoint canvas that gives the impression you are looking out a window into a landscape.  All you have to do is add the fancy embroidered sheer curtains.  Rummage in your stash, pull out all your bling and invest $10 in my guide to set your fancy free!

West Coast Finishing's Magic

Rear View of Lovely Pillow

Leigh choose West Coast Finishing to make her model up into a pillow. It looks magnificent!  Sue Parsons picked the right colors and fabrics to give Trinidad a tropical sun porch feel, then put it all together beautifully.  I am very proud to introduce Trinidad here as it is the end result of Grant Leier's art, Leigh Richardson's artistry, Sue Parson's magic sewing fingers and my imagination.

Pull up your wicker chair, pour a glass of iced lemonade, and enjoy!

New Barbara Bergsten Stitch Guides (Free!)

Barbara Bergsten has added new free stitch guides to her website.

Most of the new guides are for new designs.  Here's the direct link if you have one of these beauties and want to print out Barbara's guide for it.

Jun 16, 2013

New from Sharon Quick

Sharon Quick has just completed stitching one of Lani's fairy dolls.  Sharon created a wonderful version of Tasha.  Here is the full series, unstitched.

Sharon posted a photograph on Facebook.   Here's the link.

Interested in the stitch guide?  Email Sharon at bg4458 @earthlink.net for the details.  She's started posting images of canvases which she has done guides for on her Facebook page.

Jun 11, 2013

The iPad and Associated Talents Stitch Guides

Associated Talents just mentioned a new feature of their Stitch Guides page on Facebook.  If you use iPads and open a guide, there will be an option to save a guide as an iBook.  Neat!

This also works for iPhones and the iPod Touch if you happen to own them instead of an iPad.  Many thanks to Donn Lynch for the heads up on this new feature.

Jun 7, 2013

Zecca Dips a Toe Into Stitch Guides

Zecca has a new website!  The update includes a page of five stitch guides available for their canvases. Robin King tells me that Karen Hennessy stitched and wrote the guides for "4 Birds", Cynthia Thomas stitched and wrote the guide for "5 Fishes" and Robin King stitched and wrote the guides for "Lotus Squared", "Thistle" and "Early Bird."  Thanks for the clarification, Robin!

These aren't the only guides for Zecca canvases available (Robin has done three guides that I know about) but these are on the designer website.

Robin King herself worked on Thistle,

on Lotus Squared, and...

...on the Bird and Worm canvas.

Jun 1, 2013

Halloween Stitch Guides

I've been thinking about Halloween designs lately since I plan to finish up my stitch guide for the Ladies of the Night series for Leigh Designs shortly.  Apparently Halloween is in the air--Robin King has written an article listing all the Halloween stitch guides she has in her collection of guides for sale.  If you are need a guide for a Halloween project for the summer so you'll be ready when the ghosts and goblins begin to gather, here's the place to start looking--

Robin has guides for Halloween canvases from Artists Collection, Brenda Stofft, Kelly Clark, Leigh Designs. Maggie, Melissa Shirley, Needle Deeva, Renaissance Designs, Shelly Tribbey, and Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent.  In other words, all the spooky stitching you could ever want!