Jun 1, 2013

Halloween Stitch Guides

I've been thinking about Halloween designs lately since I plan to finish up my stitch guide for the Ladies of the Night series for Leigh Designs shortly.  Apparently Halloween is in the air--Robin King has written an article listing all the Halloween stitch guides she has in her collection of guides for sale.  If you are need a guide for a Halloween project for the summer so you'll be ready when the ghosts and goblins begin to gather, here's the place to start looking--

Robin has guides for Halloween canvases from Artists Collection, Brenda Stofft, Kelly Clark, Leigh Designs. Maggie, Melissa Shirley, Needle Deeva, Renaissance Designs, Shelly Tribbey, and Susan Roberts/Tapestry Tent.  In other words, all the spooky stitching you could ever want!


Robin said...

Hi Jane. Oh, thank you for the NSH blog mention and my Halloween themed stitch guides. I am planning a website showcasing the stitch guides, but until then, the blog is a good place as well. Hugs to you! Robin

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are welcome. I am happy to hear you are planning a website to feature all your guides. That'll be FUN! All you need are more hours in the day, right?