Feb 8, 2015

New Guides for Lani and Brenda and Melissa and Charley UPDATED AGAIN

Barbara just finished her Lani piece of two Chinese lanterns using a Tony Minieri guide.  Fans of Asian-themed canvases will want to see this beauty.  Barbara did say she modified the guide.   Check Tony's website to order (second link below).  There is a kimono version of this canvas available and Tony's also done a guide for that one, by the way.


Lani also has a tiger with Chinese lanterns kimono that is similar.  She's done a stitch guide for that one herself so contact her for more information.

Laura Taylor has a guide available now for Brenda Stofft's "Running Rabbit with Flowers" seen below.  Contact Laura directly or your local shop can order the guide from her for you.

Pat just finished Charley Harper's "Crazy Cat" using a Robin King stitch guide.  Please note Robin's guide is for the 18 count version and Pat stitched the 13 count version so she had to tweak the threads to fit properly.

Melissa Shirley just announced three new guides are available from Mary Legallet.  The first guide is  for Mary Lake-Thompson's "Snowmen" pillow which has five wonderful snowmen in a row.

The second Mary guide is for Debbie Mumm's "Christmas Amaryllis."

The third Mary guide is also for Debbie Mumm, this time her "Poinsettias."

UPDATE:  Melissa herself has finished a guide for her "Summer Floral."  It has many special touches.

UPDATE #2: Mary Legallet also has two more new Melissa Shirley guides for the Homespun Santa and the Homespun (Rustic) Angel.  The finishing for both pieces is by Marlene's.

It's been a good week for new guides!

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