Sep 14, 2013

It's All About the Shoes (and Guides) UPDATED

Recently I received an inquiry about whether a stitch guide for Share One's Ideas' "It's All About the Shoes" design was available anywhere.  This is the canvas.

As you can see, M's Canvashouse had a class on this piece two years ago.  They will sell you the stitch guide if you have the canvas already, or you can get the full kit there.  It's not on their website so you will have to inquire about pricing and availablity.

About the same time (great minds thinking alike and all that) Needlenook of La Jolla also had a class on this canvas.  The details are there.  See the DVD?  David McCaskill who taught the class and who is the manager of the shop, says that it will function well as a stitch guide and folks who buy it who have questions can always email him with questions. Of course you can get the full kit from this shop as well.

So there are plenty of options if you don't want to decorate your own Halloween shoes!

Many thanks to L for asking about this!

UPDATE:  Apparently M's Canvashouse is planning a followup to their All About the Shoes class.

UPDATE #2: Here is the canvas, stitched using Robin King's stitch guide.  Fun!

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