Apr 6, 2013

Robin The Stitch Diagram Queen UPDATED ALL OVER AGAIN

Tapestry Fair's Halloween Hooter
You all probably know Robin King from her stitch guides for Amy Bunger's shop or her classes she teaches all over the United States.  What you might not know is just how talented a stitch diagram illustrator she is.

But word is getting around.  This year Robin's been working on the charting and stitch guide layout for the Labors of Love pumpkin club that Stacy Brown has stitched for Nimble Needle in Atlanta.  You can see the finished models at the Nimble Needle website (link below).  The April stitch guide for the smallest pumpkin is almost ready.  Robin says Stacy used really different stitches which she can't wait to try out on other canvases.


Robin also charted diagrams for Halloween Hooter, the new 3-D Halloween bird from Tapestry Fair. Here's the unstitched canvas.  Robin says this is an amazing piece.  I posted a photo of the finished owl above.  I am not usually a fan of 3-D stuffed animals but this is amazing.  This is a set of eleven canvases that are cleverly assembled into a wonderful display piece.  Peggi says she's found the perfect feather trim to put about the owl's neck, so stay tuned!

UPDATE on Hooter Owl:

UPDATE:  By the way, Sue Dulle also diagrams and edits stitch guides for teachers and stitch guide writers.  Here's what she has to say on the topic.  Very appropriate as I'm about to go check over the stitch guide I finished last night for omissions and typos!

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