Apr 30, 2013

Hibiscus Flowers, Palm Fronds, a Mai Tai and Me UPDATED

The Paper Umbrella, Closeup of Bermuda

The latest series from Leigh Designs was just announced at Destination Dallas--the Caribe' series.  

These sunny florals are all inspired by motifs from the various Caribbean islands.  I stitched Bermuda as a model for Leigh and have done a stitch guide for both the large and small versions of this canvas.  Your local shop can order a canvas and guide for you from Leigh or you can ask me for a PDF version of the guide if you happen to have the canvas already or just want to add it to your reference library.

You can see the entire set of the bigger Caribe' designs at the Leigh Designs website.  The smaller "coaster" size will be released for the Columbus TNNA show in June although some of them are already public.

The photo above is a closeup from my large Bermuda model.  It is full of the new Swarovski flat back crystal sequins and beads.  These decorate the organdy ribbon umbrella, grace the black shutters, and float like pineapple bits in the glass. The hibiscus blossoms are covered in beads instead.  My favorite part of the design are the palm fronds and green coconuts, however.  They just give peace to this fun Caribbean piece.

Bermuda In All Her Sunny Glory!

I understand that there will be other stitch guides done for this series (I have done one for the small version of Trinidad to be shown off in June) and Sandy Arthur will teach a class on one of the set as well.  Stay tuned until the June trade show in Columbus for more!

UPDATE:  Sharon Quick is working the large version of Martinique;

Pat Miller is working on the large version of Barbados;

and Sandy Arthur is stitching the large version of Jamacia which she will teach at the June 2013 Columbus trade show. There will be stitch guides available for all three canvases this summer sometime.

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