Apr 17, 2013

New Guides from Robin King UPDATED

Robin has been very busy teaching at The Nimble Needle in Atlanta.  You can join in the fun by visiting her report on the trip.

UPDATE:  Robin's also providing the diagrams and guides for a club for Nimble Needle Atlanta that is pumpkin-themed.  Stacy Brown stitched the pumpkins and Robin wrote up her original ideas in guide form.  Three sizes, three guides, three sets of fun!

UPDATE #2:  More new guides from Robin!

The reason this is posted here instead of at the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure is that Robin's embellishment guides for her students are available as stitch guides for folks who happen to have these canvases in their hot little hands.  Robin's included contact information so you can let her know you are interested in one of her beauties.

Wish we'd all been there but there wouldn't be room for Robin with all of us in the shop!

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