May 11, 2013

LOVE (Threads)

Robin King is stitching the perfect canvas to celebrate Mother's Day--Raymond Crawford's LOVE.

This piece is a threadaholic's delight!  Robin used a different palette of threads for each letter and I bet she uses a lot of other stitches, too.  Robin has issued a challenge to readers of her blog--she posted a stitch diagram she is using somewhere in the design.  Guess which thread and area she put it in and win a prize!

Truly anyone who stitches one of Robin's guides has won a prize anyway but it is fun to try and decide just where Robin put the Triple Windows stitch.


Robin said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks of mentioning the LOVE stitch guide. You're the best. Hugs! Robin

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Robin, you've got it wrong--YOU are the BEST!

I want to see this one stitched (and I am dying to see where you used the stitch and with what).

Jane, waving from CH where curiosity is my middle name