Oct 8, 2014

A Free Stitch Guide from Palma: Seaside Shell Cracker

Seaside Shell Cracker

Palma Seljan has posted two free stitch guides for some of Melissa Shirley's little seasonal cracker canvases on Facebook, and kindly offered the guides to me to post here, too.  So here's a treat from Palma--The Seaside Shell Cracker.  The bare canvas is shown in the link below.  As you can see, there are several in this ocean-themed cracker series, all of them great fun to stitch.  Many thanks for the guide, Palma!

Yesterday I posted Palma's guide for the Halloween witch's hat cracker.  Use the Previous arrow at the bottom of this article to see it.   Now here is Palma's guide for the Seaside Shell Cracker.


Stitch Guide
Design: Seaside Crackers by Melissa Shirley - Shell

Centre Square Background
#12 Kreinik braid 9732
Skipped Tent
Oriental Linen OL 030, OL 057 #3 DMC Perle 3033
Make spokes with the DMC Perle. Then Spider Web stitch with the OL following the color design.
Weeks Dye Works 5 Pearl 1111
Upright Cross
Sea Grass 134 Crystal Braid CR13
Lay the Crystal Braid and then stitch with the Sea Grass 2 vertical stitches, skip 2
Side Panels
Watercolors 127
#12 Kreink braid 9400
6 mm Twisted Bugle beads TW206-260F (link at the bottom)
Slanted Wave from “Got Stitches”? by Gone Stitching, page 12. Watercolors for the vertical stitches and Kreinik for the Diagonal. Place bugle beads at intersection.
Blue Line
#12 ThreadworX metallic 910031
Stich 2 Satin stitches vertically, 2 Satin stitches horizontally
Tila beads TL402FR-TB, TL413FR-TB
Attach to the area following color design
Light blue line
Crystal Braid CR13
Van Dyke

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