Oct 7, 2014

A Free Stitch Guide from Palma: Halloween Witch's Hat UPDATED

Palma's Halloween Witch Hat Cracker

Palma Seljan has posted two free stitch guides for some of Melissa Shirley's little seasonal cracker canvases on Facebook, and kindly offered the guides to me to post here, too.  So here's a treat from Palma--The Halloween Witch's Hat Cracker.  Here is the bare canvas.  As you can see, there are several in the Halloween cracker series, all of them great fun to stitch.  Many thanks for the guide, Palma!

Tomorrow I'll post Palma's guide for the Seaside Shell cracker.  But for now here is Palma's guide.
UPDATE:  Palma used rizo beads held on by a small round bead in her borders.  They don't appear to be listed in the guide but I think this is what she used.  The site calls them "rice droplet" beads.  They are shaped like fat rice grains and have a hole in one end only.


Stitch Guide
Design: Halloween Crackers by Melissa Shirley – Witch Hat

Centre Square Background
#Sea Grass 113
#14 Sundance beads 422A
Attach beads at the yellow dots
Petite Very Velvet V601
Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille 17
#11 Luminous Delica beads DB2038, DB2031, DB0756
#11 Luminous Delica beads DB2040 #14 Sundance beads 516, 422A
Sprats Hat
Couch the Kreinik
Attach the delica beads with basketweave stitch for the border
For the flower: string the beads and tack them in place; for the petals you’ll have to string 1 time for each color one for the outer part and one for the centre.
Black line
Silk Lame Braid SL133
Continental over 2
Orange Border
Crystal Braid CR12
Van Dyke
Side Panels
#5 Painters Thread 108 Petite Sparkle Rays PS02

Petite Sparkle Rays PS52

Shimmer Blend Ribbon Floss 304 Mill Hill Petite Glass beads 42014
Cashmere with Painters Thread and Tent with PSR. This stitch I think is called “Corduroy” – it is cashmere with tent in between For the yellow area – Diagonal Roumanian
For the orange area: Satin stitch String the beads and place along the balck line
Green Line
Petite Sparkle Rays PS02
Van Dyke

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