Oct 2, 2014

Autumn Stitch Guides for Melissa Shirley Designs

Melissa Shirley Designs has created an album of fall themed stitch guides on their Facebook page.  It's a fun browse, even if you don't happen to have any of Melissa's pieces to stitch.

I spotted guides by Cynthia Thomas, Laura Taylor, Beverly Churchfield, Paula Fehleisan, Fay Haverly, Wendy Harwood, Jan Ayeroff, Gina Luizzi, Tony Minieri, Robin King, Carolyn Hedge Baird, and Vicky DeAngelis for Melissa's own designs plus pieces by Mary Lake-Thompson and Debbie Mumm.  Melissa has even done a few guides for her own pieces.

Have fun exploring Thanksgiving and Fall Harvest delights by Melissa and her friends.

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