Feb 5, 2010

Janet Perry (Napa Needlepoint) UPDATED

UPDATE:  Janet has her own stitch guide website now.

She has also posted her available stitch guides on Pinterest.

Janet is posting free stitch guides each month on her website.

She's written a little about her custom stitch guide philosophy here.

Janet Perry has an article on her site about stitch guides and how to use them.  There are links to some of the things she mentions but this looks unfinished right now.

Here is a bit about her approach to writing guides from her blog.

Janet also lists sources like the Kreinik website for free stitch guides on her site.

She will help you select one stitch for an area on your canvas for only $5.  Janet calls this Quick Stitch Help and says it is intended for a few spaces or backgrounds on a canvas.  It is not a full-fledged stitch guide.

She also will write a custom stitch guide for you.  Details here, including the fact that most of her custom guides cost $65.

Speaking of custom guides, Janet has done a guide for the big DJ Designs San Francisco stocking that is available only from Come 2 the Point.  Details are here.

She writes guides for many designers' canvases, including Cat's Cradle, Raymond Crawford, Elements Needlepoint, Kelly Clark and Melissa Shirley.  Melissa Shirley has a profile of Janet on her website.

UPDATE:  Janet is giving away a free stitch guide for Kathy Schenkel's lobster mini sock in return for signing up for her mailing list.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  This time about the Needle Deeva canvases Janet has done guides for.

UPDATE:  Janet has her stitch guide for Art Needlepoint's designs on sale.

UPDATE:  Janet tells me her stitch guides are available either in hard copy or PDF form.  Here is a list of all guides available currently (July 2010) with retail prices.  Anything with an asterisk by it means the canvas as well as the guide can be purchased directly from Janet "at an extra price."  Have your shop contact her directly at to buy wholesale.

Raymond Crawford Chinese Letters        $12     $16
               works for all colors, mesh sizes, and letters in this
series, instructions for 8 canvases in all
       Denise DeRusha Cookie Collection        $7.50   $10
               stitching plans and suggestions for all cookies in this series
       Beau Geste Snowbears            $10     $13
               mother polar bear and cub
       DJ Designs SF Stocking          $30     $35
               includes historic information about the landmarks in this piece
       Earth & Sky Kimono              $25     $30
               guides for three kimono

Melissa Shirley Designs
       Box of Chocolates       $18             $22
       Peppermint Twist Birds $20              $25
       13 Days to Halloween (Countdown Calendar) $20           $25
       Critter Luggage Tags (turtle, fish, butterfly, etc.) $18                $22
       Christmas Candies       $30             $35
       Home Sweet Home $20             $25

Tink Boord-Dill
       Flower  & Fruit Tiles (daisy, rose, sunflower, peach)
               Complete guide $10 (each)       $13
               Background stitch guide only $3 (each)  $5
       Fruit Tiles Background only (lemon, grapes, apple)      $3 (each)       $5

Leigh Designs
       Rhumba (bird)   $16             $20
       Flamenco (bird) $16             $20

       *Holiday Scottie        $7.50           $10
       Mai Tai         $12             $16
       *Heart VW Bug   $3              $5
       *Christmas Tree VW Bug $3               $5
       -- Guides are also available for the other VW Bugs, at the same prices)

Cat's Cradle
       *I love Needlepoint     $9              $12
       *Jack Russell Terrier   $9              $12
       *Log Cabin in the Mountains $12         $16
       *Plaid Scottie  $9              $12

If a guide has an asterisk by it, people can buy the canvas through me for an extra price.

Raymond Crawford
       Drinks coasters (red wine, beer, margarita, martini)    $17     $21

Shelly Trubby
       Paris Bellpull  $25     $30

Happy Heart Designs
       Happy Spring    $12             $16
       Mermaid         $12             $16
       Poinsettia Wreath       $14             $18

Denise deRusha
       Patterned Apples, Pumpkins, Maple Leaves, Acorns, etc. $3 (each)        $5

Kelly Clark Needlepoint
       Snowman         $14             $18
       Santa & Farm Friends    $14             $18
       Snowman         $14             $18
       Pretty Witch    $14             $18
       Scarecrow               $14             $18
       Ghostly Treater $14             $18
       Rooster         $14             $18
       Nordic JOY Santa        $14             $18
       Nordic LOVE Santa       $14             $18
       Musical Santa   $14             $18
       Springtime Topiaries    $14             $18

If you have questions, please email Janet directly at the address above.

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