Feb 1, 2010

Stitch Guides From Amy Bunger's Shop

Amy Bunger and her staff (especially Robin King) write stitch guides for her classes by mail and also for selected canvases in her store.  Stitch guides are not returnable.  You must purchase at least the canvas and/or the threads from Amy's store as well as the stitch guide.  You cannot buy the stitch guide alone.   These are some of the most expensive stitch guides available.  Only a custom guide written by a top name needlepointer costs more.  I've never seen any show up on eBay so you know they are treasured by their purchasers.

Photos of the canvases with guides here.  Each is clearly marked as to whether they were written by Amy or Robin.

Currently the guides are for canvases from Alexa, Alice Peterson, Amanda Lawford, Artists Collection, Brenda Stofft, Canvas Works, Cooper Oaks, Ewe and Eye, Jane Nichols, Kelly Clark, Labours of Love, Lee, Leigh Designs, Maggie, Melissa Shirley, Needle Crossing, Point of It All, Raymond Crawford, Ruth Schmuff, Shelly Tribbey, Sophia, Susan Roberts, and Tapestry Tent.

UPDATE:  Robin King announces a new stitch guide available for a Kelly Clark witch canvas.  (I call this the Hermonine Granger Witch because it looks like this Harry Potter character to me.)  Since I posted this update, Robin has released a second stitch guide, this time for a Needle Deeva autumn harvest heart.  Search on Robin King to find a separate article on this talented stitcher and her guides.

By the way, Melissa Shirley has added a profile of Amy to her MSD website since Amy often writes guides to Melissa Shirley canvases.

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