Feb 15, 2010

Kelly Clark Stitch Guides UPDATED

This article was written in 2010 and there have been a lot of changes in Kelly's business and website. For the latest information, check the Contact Information tab for stitch guide writers.  Thanks!

Kelly Clark's website has a section showing three pages of guides that are available for her canvases.  Clicking on the thumbnail photo will show you some details and often the stitched version, but there is no pricing information, probably because this is a wholesale only site.  Ask your shop to find out for you.  Some of the stitch guides are credited to Gina Liuzzi and others have no stitch guide writer credited.  I believe some of the pieces are stitched by Kelly herself.

UPDATE:  Kelly's designs are now owned by Colonial Needle which has them on her website.  Note that any canvas with a stitch guide is marked SG in the catalogue.

Some of the guides for Kelly's pieces were designer clubs, created by the designer and sold to shops who distributed them to customers.  The pear club had problems of supply as items didn't arrive when expected.  The firecracker club seems to have had a different sort of problem.  I'm adding these criticisms here so that you are a bit careful if you included in a Kelly Clark club created by the designer instead of by a local shop.

UPDATE:  You can buy Kelly's Katt Z. Witch (who reminds me of Hermonine Granger if you have a Harry Potter fan to stitch for) from Amy Bunger's website.  The best part?  The Robin King stitch guide is included.  I've seen this guide in person and it is fabulous!

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