Feb 25, 2010

Old World Designs' Ready-To-Go Projects

Old World Designs in California offers canvas and stitch guide sets, all of which are listed on this page.  Threads cost extra.  I think if there is no price,  this piece is no longer offered, but you'll have to ask Old World Designs to make sure.  The stitch guides are written by Claire Haldan, Laura Rich and Nancy Reeves.  Note that Nancy's stitch guide is on a DVD and that Claire also has a DVD stitch guide as well as technique DVDs (one for beginners and one teaching hair and fur techniques).

Designers whose canvases are available here as a Ready-to-Go project are Melissa Shirley, Mile High Princess, Rebecca Wood, Artists Collection, Shelly Tribbey, Renaissance Designs, Zecca, Petei and Gimmies.

UPDATE:  With the revival of the Petei line by Painted Pony Designs, Old World Designs is going to have their Petei guides available again.

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