Feb 15, 2010

Guides for Lani's Needlepoint UPDATED

The Cover of One of Lani's Guides
There seem to be two levels of stitch guides available for Lani's designs with a base price starting at $75 for the embellished fancy sttich guides.  It looks to me if you buy a canvas and threads from Lani, she'll do a simple free guide for you.

Other guides seem to be for sale.  Email the address here for more information.

UPDATE:  Lani has started doing more guides now.  Some of her geisha canvases (see photo above) and the high heel series have guides.

UPDATE #2:  Sharon Quick has done several stitch guides for Lani canvases.  Here is the rose collage piece she just finished (May 2014). The guide will be available from Lani shortly.


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