Feb 3, 2010

Introducing Sharon Quick of QuickStitcher Designs UPDATED

I did an interview and slide show with Sharon Quick on Blog almost a year ago and thought I should link to it here to describe Sharon's stitch guide services.  She is a finisher, too!

If you are too busy to go read the interview right now, I've quoted an excerpt below describing her stitch guides:

"I have stitch guides for several pieces that I stitched for myself. I am particularly proud of Walking to the Moon (or also called Going to the Magic Place). Other guides are the 12 Vases by JP (C-566); Sprinkler Flowers by Shelly Tribbey (FL20); Kaylene by Ewe and Eye (EW-1007); Louise by Ewe and Eye (EWE-98); Stitching Club by Melissa Shirley; Dreidel Girl by Ruth Schmuff(1284); Night Ride by Shelly Tribbey; Desire by Lani; and Chef on a Bike by Alice Peterson. These stitch guides can be obtained directly from me.  You will soon be seeing my name on stitch guides from Needle Deeva, Trubey, and Dede Ogden."

Sharon's email address is bg4458@earthlink.net.  Contact her directly to buy one of her guides and get her mailing address.   I own her Walking to the Moon Guide which cost $50 for an emailed PDF file that is nine pages long.  The stitch diagrams are very clear and understandable, and there is a photo of this Sundance design on the cover and a larger photo inside with the various areas Sharon discusses numbered.

UPDATE:  Sharon just released a guide for Leigh Design's Remila from the Ladies of the Night series. You can see the plain Remila canvas on Leigh's website.  Click on the photo of the unstitched canvas and Sharon's version will appear.

UPDATE #2:  Sharon is posting photos of models for her guides on her Facebook page these days. Be sure to check there.

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