Aug 15, 2011

Smilin' Jack Stitch Guide Available

Smilin' Jack
I've finished the first of three Fash Insert canvases from Leigh Design and a stitch guide is now available.  Smilin' Jack is his name and charm is his game!

Smilin' Jack in the Lee Nylon Tote

The Fash Insert line is a series of 8 1/2 by 4 inch canvases on 18 count meant to be used in Lee's nylon totes. But of course you can finish these canvases any way you like.

Leigh specifically asked for simple but elegant stitch guides, so all three of the Fash Insert guides I plan will be significantly shorter and cheaper than my usual stitch guide.  To make Smilin' Jack elegant I used lots of beads and silks and metallic threads.  He's a pretty quick stitch, too, and is meant to be a seasonal touch for your purse to be switched out for a new design once Christmas is here or spring time makes you want something more pastel and feminine.

Email me at sgfromchnp at gmail dot com to order a Smilin' Jack guide.  If you are a shop, wholesale pricing is available.

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